NGD (used)

I guess you weren’t counting me, since mine wasn’t from a Richard recommendation.


Sorry Alan, no snub intended.

Maybe we should have a, “show us your tele” thread.

I want a red and a purple one too.

Right on, bro!
I had forgotten your G&L service thread :roll_eyes:
I’m suspecting there may be another one or two G&Ls in the nearly quarter of a million community members out there :rofl: Apart from the shape, they are two different beasts. Yours is probably a higher quality build, made in the US with a different bridge and pickups?
Did you ever get around to trying out the MFD pups? If so, what did you think?
Cheers B

I have a G&L Legacy Tribute. But that’s a Strat-style, guitar not a Tele style one.



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Not yet. Been waiting for the next string change which will be coming up soon. I will report back when I’ve get them in.