Notification - Online Mini-Gig! Sat 24th June 9pm UTC (nzmetal, jkahn, jenndye429)

Further to a recent thread about possibly running some mini online gigs as an extension to the very successful Community Open Mics, we are pleased to announce the inaugural online mini-gig coming to you LIVE on Saturday 24th June at 9:00pm UTC (see below for common time zones and a link to a converter for your locale. You can also download a calendar reminder from there :wink: ).

The gig should run about an hour with three performers, being Jennifer & Dan (@Jenndye429), JK (@jkahn) and myself kicking things off.

We would love to have you in the audience, so if you can make it, please register your interest by posting below.

Closer to the event, a Zoom link will be sent to you via direct message. You can register any time up to the event date, however I would imagine the last couple of hours beforehand we may be a bit busy with other things to keep on top of any late registrations :grimacing: :rofl:, so best get in before then! :wink:

Portland 2:00pm
New York 5:00pm
UTC 9:00pm
London 10:00pm
Berlin 11:00pm
Dubai 1:00am Sun 25th
Hong Kong 5:00am Sun 25th
Brisbane 7:00am Sun 25th
Dunedin NZ 9:00am Sun 25th
Time & date

…And here is the recording!!! Thanks everyone for coming to it live and for watching this recording!!! :metal: :smiley: :+1:


Add me to the audience please Jeff UTC +1


Thanks Nancy! Ticket reserved! Front row, centre :sunglasses:


Thanks @nzmetal, looking forward to it. Hopefully we get a few people in the audience! Would be great if people could attend to see if this kind of event can work.

This is a bit of an experiment, a different kind of on line event where rather than 1 song each we’re doing a small set. Inspired by that thread Jeff linked.

Expect a bit of variety, I’ll be acoustic, @nzmetal and @Jenndye429 will be electric!


Would love to be in the audience :+1:


Great initiative guys and good luck! We’ve got a paying gig on the 24th so unfortunately won’t make it. Hope it goes well and look forward to watching on catchup.


Stoked you can join us @tRONd :slightly_smiling_face: Got you locked in mate :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks @Rossco01! Have a great gig too! :guitar::metal::grinning:

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I would also love to be in the audience. Cannot promise that I will be able to stay awake though (online gig starts at midnight local time).

If I promise not to start snoring, can I get a seat in the audience? :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Girl and guys,
Great that you are doing this… have a lot of fun with the preparation and the evening itself of course… :sunglasses:


Glad you 3+ are getting this going! I’m a potential for an audience seat, depends on a few other things. I will confirm the day before or day of.


Would love to be in the audience, but don’t know yet, if I’m available. Will confirm one or two days in advance. UTC +2. :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4:


Hi Guys, will have a seat in the audience please. Hope this goes well and is the forerunner of many more collaborations within the community. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you all for your support! I’m excited for the show and Dan and I have been working hard to get it ready for you guys :grinning:

@jkahn @nzmetal and I have got a really nice variety of styles/songs lined up and it should be a fun night! :guitar:


2300 Saturday night sounds good for me. Should be available to crash the theatre, so yeah, chuck us a seat.



Wow was not expexting that, but totally hyped for you guys and wish you good luck! I will say tentatively yes however next day I have 8am flight so might need to go to sleep early (or I will just do what I usually do then which is I will start packing up :laughing:)


What a fantastic event you have organised @jkahn @Jenndye429 @nzmetal
Realising a dream.
This community rocks.


I would love a seat at this gig please. I have a 60 mile bike ride in the morning, a guitar show and sale in the afternoon, so why not a great gig in the early evening, that I don’t need to drive to. :metal:


Thanks so much everyone for being so supportive! :smiley::+1:

You are so right, Richard, this community is AWESOME! :metal:


Thanks legends! Got you all noted for the audience.

No worries about any snoring :sleeping: @JokuMuu we’ll just turn our gain up :guitar::loud_sound::notes::hear_no_evil::wink::joy:

Thanks @roger_holland, really appreciate your support mate :sunglasses:

All good to confirm for sure closer to the time, Mari and Andrea, in fact happy to send you the Zoom link and if you can’t make it, no problem, but if you can that would be fabulous! :hugs:

Thanks Mal! Yeah totally agree! :grinning::+1:

I’m picturing a Meatloaf-style motorbike through the wall type entrance mate! :metal::rofl:

:joy::joy::joy: Well if you need some background tunes whilst you’re throwing your gear together buddy?? :thinking: :sweat_smile:

Wow!! :bike::flushed: That would get you half around New Zealand mate! :wink::joy:


It is actually called the Delaware Doublecross which is twice across our State. Some States are so big it takes them over a week to go across once.


Superb, I’d like a seat with uninterrupted view please!:ok_hand: