NTGD - New Travel Guitar day

Been thinking for a while about a travel electric guitar. Visiting aging patents etc. Liked the tuners on the end and stainless steel frets. Strap buttons not in a great place. Manageable using the string from acoustic style strap, so it doesnt foul the tuners.

This has a volume control with a push/pull switch which seems to coil split the “hot” humbucker.

Bit tricky or at least very different to play. Expect I will get used to it before too long.

30 day sale or return from Amazon.


Congratulations. Been tempted to get similar.

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Nice concept. She looks cool.
What’s the scale length?
How thick is it?


the website… doesnt say :smiley:

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Where’s the guitar, I just see a strap and strings? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi Geoff,
Happy NGD :sunglasses: :partying_face:
(And to think that people commented on parts that were missing on my (not even travel) guitar Tssss @sairfingers :roll_eyes: :joy:)
Let us know how it plays after a week or so, have fun :sunglasses:


One step closer to an Air Guitar! :smiley:


Wow that must be the ultimate minimalist guitar. Looking forward to hearing how you get on with it.

Haha yes Rogier(@roger_holland), this one makes yours look normal! :smiley:


Had one but tried relic’ing it, never stayed in tune after. Still nice but I put it down somewhere cant find it now.


Should call it the Emperor :laughing:


Congrats on the travel guitar. I have a similar model and it has been around the world with me. Wishing you and the guitar many, many happy travel miles.


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Acording to the blurb its 25.5 scale length. Could not see nut width but the whole “body” is 10cm wide, roughly 3.3 inches. Definitely looks interesting. Maybe @roger_holland can down size ? :rofl:


:joy: :rofl: Don’t tease my little guitar like that :joy:
Ooo I’m shaking here :laughing:

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25.5 full scale length. I wanted full scale to not confuse the fretting fingers. Neck feels nice, bit fatter than the modern C on my Squier Classic Vibe Tele

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First practice session today…
Palm muting a bit tricky.
Seems harder to get an F, maybe it’s the strap position…
Managed fingerstyle.
Managed blues with a B7.

Theres no inertia as 1.7 kg and not braced against leg or elbow, so moves a bit with fretting hand sliding up and down neck. Using heel of palm on bridge to try and stabilise.

Tuners were moved by strap lock… Will need to experiment a bit there.

I knew it would be quite different. So need to decide different or difficult.

Off to in-laws at weekend with permission from wife to take a little time out to practice.


Happy NGD day Geoff, I’d say lovely looking but…

Please let us know what you think once you have got used to it.


After thinking there was a bit of fret buzz I got the notched ruler thingy and the 25.5 scale did not fit, the 24.75 does fit. So it’s a 24.75 inch scale with a 12 inch radius fretboard after getting out the T shaped things…

Nut is 42mm.

Probably medium jumbo frets. In stainless steel which was a big part of the decision to try it out.

Sounds a bit better now I have adjusted the truss rod and lowered the pickup a little. Intonation seems OK. Just a little awkward with current strap button positions. Tuning stability not great.

Should be comfy. :sunglasses:

Interim report…

After a weekend away where I took this and managed a 10 minute noodle on Saturday and around 40 minutes on the Sunday, it’s looking like a keeper.
The neck is well finished if maybe still a little bit buzzy.

I can get a variety of tones, with the small 3/4 of a house brick size 5 watt amplifier. With the coil split humbucker, even if that is very hot.

Palm muting a little tricky.

Would need to move the strap buttons for balance to play standing.


Hi Geoff,
Does it help you (is it possible?) that you attach something and as wide as the strap at the back of the strap and not flexibly so that your tuners are not hit by the strap? or am i reading your problem wrong? please don’t answer if it’s a weird idea :see_no_evil:

Nice that it looks like a keeper :sunglasses: