One take Basket Case

Felt like playing a bit of punk tonight, and also want to get into a regular recording groove to track my progress - and remove the recording anxiety.

So here’s a cover of Basket Case. No singing - can’t sing and play this one. Just warmed up a bit, hit record and played it. Also no backing track playing in my ear! A few mistakes in there but I’m pretty happy with it as a one take.


Nice job JK, just started learning this myself as part of module 12. Sounded pretty tight to me, nice tone too!

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Awsome :fire::fire::fire:
Pure rock’n roll!!
Sounds cool!

Keep em comin!!!

( i seriously need an electrical guitar😳 looks so cool )


YES! That was good. Superb way to rock it out and such a great song as well. Well done JK.

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Really cool! Thought you did great! Good palm muting and rhythm going on nioce!

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Excellent, JK. Fine work with both left and right hand with a suitably punk-rock tone.

What did you have coming through the headphones?

Keep on rocking!

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Awesome job!!!

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Welcome to the Community, David.

I suggest as a next action you post up a personal introduction in #community-hub:introduce-yourself, sharing a little personal and guitar background, your musical aspirations and current focus within JustinGuitar.


That was great JK I think you did really well, was able to recognize the song easily without any other instruments and you got me into the singing mood as well haha. Great tone as well, overall you did it justice!

In terms of keeping up with recordings weekly - don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I much more prefer quality over quantity personally :slight_smile: all the best


Great work, I really liked your guitar playing and sound, I think you definitely need to develop it further!


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Good work JK, great fun to play and takes me back to my early BC days. Should really revisit it one day !


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I thought I saw in your learning log that you prefer acoustic, maybe changing that opinion? :rofl:

Thanks David! Headphones was for the guitar, I was plugged into my Scarlett with Ableton & Amplitube plugin for recording and tone. Gotta keep it quiet when everyone else is asleep!

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(Ok, doing one post to reply like the forum is suggesting)

@Notter It’s a fun one with a bit more complexity to it than it seems, Justin’s lesson on it is great, really in depth.

@adi_mrok Your recordings are such high quality they’re like performances, something I hope to get to one day. I’m kind of enjoying regular recording if only to document progress. I might not share them all :slight_smile:.

@SgtColon @Bytron08 @Davey_T @MikeSebastianP @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Thanks for the feedback guys, it’s a super fun song to play. It’s awesome to be able to play some of my favourite songs this early in my guitar journey.


Too kind JK, looking at how far you have gone in such a short time you will most likely go ahead a lot quicker in your journey than you expect! And I am sure you will be able to play same exact stuff (and more!) as I do :slight_smile:

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You made one big mistake…

Crank up the volume so the whole neighborhood can hear it!

That’s the only way to play Green Day.

All kidding aside, great job. A lot of people say Green Day songs are easy. But they can be hard with lots of chords changes up and down the neck, fast tempo, palm muting, etc. So kudos for taking this on and posting!

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Incredible, especially for a one take. The palm muted strumming made me think I need to try out this tune, it seems like it would require some stamina in that hand and that’s going to take some practice.

Dookie was the first CD I ever bought!

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:rofl: It was pretty loud in my headphones Joe!

Thanks for the feedback, glad you liked it Dale. Yep, it’s a great song to learn palm muting. Was a bit of an endurance exercise when I started learning it, a lot easier now that I’m familiar with it and I’ve put in the practice time.

Yep. Thats right JK :rofl: but i still want to learn electrical…
But i am pretty sure that my supervisor/wife do not want me to learn :rofl:


Nice one JK.
Not much to add to all the above.
Solid barre chord workout with some nice muting :smiley:
Consistency is the key on these and you kept pumping away, rock solid.

I am a bit puzzled though-
Of all the punk bands out there, Green Day seems to have cornered the covers market, at least here in the JG community. Is there a reason for that?

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