OP Avatar beside topic please

This has been raised before, but I can’t find the thread :slightly_frowning_face:

I would much rather see the avatar of the person who created the topic than the last person to reply.
It’s much more useful information and who really cares who the last one to reply was? (There will often have been a number of replies since you last checked anyway).
Please? :smiley:


I have raised this issue several times. It’s falling on deaf ears! In fact I think few of the issues that have been raised since the new forum came on line have been addressed. I get the feeling that the format is what it is and can’t be changed.

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Haha, I had it in mind it was you, but couldn’t fing the thread.
Don’t worry, now that Brian’s on the job, it’ll happen lickety-split! :rofl: :roll_eyes:

Good luck!!! (20 characters).

The first avatar in the row next to it is from the topic creator…or you are looking at the phone, and is it different there,…or I don’t understand at all a peep of what mean here?

On the phone you just have only one avatar (of the last post) :slightly_frowning_face:

Oke,…that`s very…uh…not interesting indeed :grin:

No @roger_holland for you I just posted a more ‘interesting’ clip here :rofl: :roll_eyes:

With my very non-tech minded hat on I have just gone into settings to browse and see what lives there that might address this.
I come back with nothing to offer I’m afraid.
Maybe one of my more able and trusted colleagues can help.

I think this is correct …
If it is a new topic that you have not read at all, you will automatically go to post #1.
If you have read it previously you will go to the first unread post. Regardless of whose avatar shows as the ‘last poster’.

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That would seem right on my experience, certainly on the PC. On a revisit there will be a red line showing something like “lasted visited” and any new posts will follow that. The last post Avatar remains the last one who has posted. Cue Bugle ! :trumpet:

:joy: :blush:,
Of course I am aware of this…I do miss a lot of topics by now because of the enormous crowds here…but I don’t feel like I am yet ready to play for (also a super sweet) audience…I am still trying to playing my first whole song well…since i don’t sing it’s quite a thing to put down something nice i think…but there will come a time… :blush:

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No, I wasn’t suggesting you should play (although everybody should try it at least once!); just that I had added a comment/clip this morning (scroll down) that you might ‘relate’ to :wink:

I’m reading my previous post again and realise it sounds a bit harsh. I know our Mods are doing their best to sort out and improve forum issues. They are stuck within an existing platform format.


Carrots are for wusses… now where’d I leave my stick? :laughing:


Another thing I miss is the ability to see – at a glance – whether I’ve already replied to a topic. Sometimes you can see your own avatar, but if there are many replies is might not display.


right on time! :smiley:

We know and currently we try to work via prio’s
This involves Ben (the developer) and he is involved in more pressing issues than this item.

I’m labelling this “needs-review” (so it can be found again as well :wink: )


Indeed, these suggestions are not complaints, rather suggestions along the lines of: “Hey, if it’s not a lot of work, this would make it even smoother”
(That’s as close to ‘carrot’ as I can find :smiley:)

Your carrot has gone a little limp Brian.


That was a tough ride :joy:

That is correct, Richard.

By which you mean Lieven or Ben as I haven’t a clue where to go to change the behaviour or configuration of how this site works on a phone.