Open Mic 006 - Call for interest

Thanks Toby.

Still looks like event timing will be based on accommodating people from central and western geographies (where I judge central to be around the UTC degree longitude).

Come on folk from the eastern locations, we are dreaming of needing OM-East and OM-West events.

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Hi. I’m brand new to the site and Justins lessons. Not ready to perform yet, but, I would love to observe. I’m in Colorado USA. In scrolling through the messages I dont see a link/time. (I could have missed it). ~thanks for the help. Loving the lessons so far.

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Hi Ann, date and exact TBD based on people locations to suit most of performer. Follow this thread for details :slight_smile:

Hi Ann, and welcome.
If you check the time zone map linked in the first post it will give you and idea as things develop.
Most open mics have so far been evening European time so morning - afternoon USA time.
There was one that was evening in the far east so ‘silly o’clock’ in the USA.
It is mainly to accommodate the majority of people expressing an interest in performing.

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I’m assuming that’s me. I’m on the possible list. Not sure where we’ll be camping then till very close to the date. So it’s dependent on me camping where we have good broadband / wifi. If I’m not the one on the possibilities list, please add me.

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Good job on the roster update, Toby. I like the use of the @mention that we have here in the new Home.

Also like the Roster being updated at the top of the Topic. Hopefully you’ll be able to continue to edit that post right up until the event.

I’m not sure that Toby still has editorship of the OP David - I did it yesterday evening.

Right, he probably doesn’t, Richard.

Is it possible to setup specific edit windows on a Topic for the OPer. I know once we get to TL3 then by default we have 30 days but I had a sense that it was configurable.

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David it’s another dog-walking update. Yeah I lost access to the original post but what I’ve been trying to do is if a post still has Edith available to it I’ll go update that run rather than repost the table so trying to keep it as current as possible.

I’ll have to leave Egypt in even though it was supposed to be edit. Here we go predictive text having a wobbly again NH. That will be Edith

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Why not Tony. Yes that’s you under the possibles obviously as you’re our resident nomad and maybe won’t know where you’re going to be on the dates we can keep things open for you and hopefully once we sorted out date and time it will be something that fits in with your you’re travelling. Cheers Toby

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Thanks. We are currently camped at a favourite seaside village where we stayed last year. Only discovered a local restaurant that does open mics weekly on our last week here. I should be on top of my open mic repertoire after 5 weeks here. It will be our longest single stop on the nomadic road.

@DavidP @Richard_close2u OK back in front of the keyboard (left Edith by the river!)
Richard can you confirm you tidied up the thread add took out the updated tables I had cut and pasted and that the first post is the latest iteration ? Having a pot noodle, moment and wondering if did actually make those entries or just dreamt it :scream: Anyway I do seem to have edith/egypt/edith access again. For how log qui sais ? :sunglasses:

Hi Toby - there was the OP table (outdated) then a newer table then a repost of that same newer table.
Three in total.
I tidied the topic and the OP now has only the newest table.

I took out some old / redundant comments too to keep things a bit tidier.

and relax … :slight_smile:

Cool, Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t losing the plot :rofl: It would be much easier keeping access to the initial OM table and just having the one going forward. Maybe TL3 will resolve that ? :sunglasses:

What if performers coincidentally chose to perform the same song at an OM? Just a thought.

@Willsie01 shouldn’t be an issue, so far it’s only happened once as far as I know and @LievenDV gracefully chose to perform another song instead.

Even if two or more performers were to play the same song the rendition wouldn’t be the same anyway so I don’t think anyone would mind at all.


John like Ivan, I don’t see it as an issue and it would be good to see how different folks approach the same song. But there’s quite a wide spread of song type in respect of what has been played so far, so its is likely to be a rare occurrence.




I’d like to be in the audience too please. :blush::metal:t5:

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What is your UTC time zone Bala?

Oh UTC -6 Richard. US CST.