Open Mic 006 - Call for interest

Bala no problems I’ll update the list in the morning, count youself in !

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Hehe, you can do as I do and make sure it’s never been done before :rofl:


I have gone in and done it Toby

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Haha, I thought that was referring to his fear of getting banned for the message he just sent me :rofl:

Hey we was just talking about mods and hey presto one pops up. Thank you Richard for doing the needful. And thank you Brain for dropping me in it. You know RC & LvD have GCHQ powers hereabouts. :rofl:

Is it possible to be a ModRocker?

Thank you Richard and thank you too Toby! So since it is my first time is there any information page that I should look at?

I would just toggle through the whole category, from audience point of view all you need is Zoom, link and you’re good to go! :sunglasses:

The Community Open Mic Events category

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That’ll be great, Bala, but knowing you as I do, what about sharing a song. No need to get all fancy and complicated, join the meeting on a phone and perform unplugged.

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Thank you Adrian! You’re a life saver! :slight_smile:

I would love to play a tune or two in the future David. Since this is my first time to this format, I’d love to watch first. I always prepare that way haha

That’s a fair point, Bala.

But I’d say watch one or two of the event videos in the archive. Then you’ll get all the feel for the event you need and can join in immediately, otherwise it is likely to be April before you do.

And I concede I am seeing this from my point of view, knowing how you play and sing and wanting to enjoy that in Feb, not wait until April :grin:

I’d better stop or @Richard_close2u will flag me for being too “encouraging” :laughing:

Irrespective will be great to meet you as close to face-face as it is likely to ever be.

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I see your point as well. And trust me David, I really appreciate your encouragement and motivation. When is the last day to say whether I’m performing or just watching?

Truth be told I haven’t been well psychologically. I have been avoiding performances since the rock camp last fall due to certain events. But that said I’m definitely looking to get back into performing live. So please give me sometime to think about it.

In the past we have always had extra time on the day, so you could put your hand up during. We’ll have to say how the roster goes for this event as it looks like we may have more interest since the move to the new Home than before.

And as regular performers, we’ve always said we’d performance just one song rather than two (or even step back) to allow more people to perform.

We are super flexible so plenty of time, one way or the other

Sorry to hear that, Bala, and certainly was intending to push you to a point of discomfort. My apologies if I was insensitive in my enthusiasm.

Whatever works for you will be just fine, and am always here for you.

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I mean it is in February so I could think about it. But if there are more entries than usual, I’d rather just step back and watch the entries. What better motivation than watching people play live! And no need to apologize. I’m at the point in my musical journey where I do need a push in the right direction. So I really appreciate your encouragement.

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I won’t be able to make the Open Mic in February, please remove my name from the list.

No worries Sandy, will do.



Well I thought I could but just discovered another Discourse limitation. Seems I can only mention 10 users in a post. Doh !!

@Richard_close2u I guess you can still amend the OP !!!

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Seems that Richard’s Mod power allows a longer (unlimited?) editing window and ability to @mention more than 10.

Would be cool if such powers could be granted to the person managing the OM Call For Interest through our TLs, platform permissions management.

Yes we learn something new about this place every day

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