Open Mic 09: Recording + After-Show Chat

@Mari63 Thankyou! It’s a really fun one to play with a lovey rhythm, only one barre chord too :wink::joy:.

@KevinKevan Wow, thanks! Nothing wrong with being a biased Oasis fan imo!! Appreciate the very kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for the kind words, have been working on this for some time, it was almost played as I intended.

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Thank you for the encouragement; the vocals were soft, I must attempt to make them louder when the song calls for it, too conscious of neighbours perhaps.

Struggling to keep up with the forum posts recently but thanks all for listening and for the very kind feedback.


Thank you Mari. Yeah it was about time I went “unplugged”. May be some more Bad Co next time !! :sunglasses:

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Yep love songs with attitude is where its at !! :rofl: Thanks for the feedback :sunglasses:

@Mari63 & @KevinKevan

Thanks both for the positive feedback, appreciate the time put in for a full detailed review :smile:

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Thanks much ma’am!.. Rod

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Thank you sir!.. Rod

@KevinKevan Thanks for the encouraging words. Yes the song I did was from a Scottish duo called Steelers Wheel but the driving force of the band was Gerry Rafferty who went on to have a very successful career in the 70’s & 80’s. There used to be many successful artist from Scotland and also from other regions of the UK but now it seems we only seem to get the homogenised sounds of big music publishers these days. I do like the fact Gerry Cinnamon has made a successful career just based on his songwriting and his straightforward approach and not giving into the large music publishers, good on him.


Just caught up with the show, another fantastic event. Well done to all the performers, especially the first timers. Thanks to Toby and Jason for organizing.


Late to the party on this one, but really enjoyed watching all the performers. Well done to everyone.

Wonderful to have such a diversity of song styles, playing styles and levels. Everything from folks who are just getting started and building up their confidence, right up to those who could join a cover band and do gigs right now! Love to see it.

Seems wrong to pick favourites but the standouts for me were @martzon beautiful singing, @Notter rock-steady laid back chillout vibes and @jkahn letting it rip on those big strums.

Great to see @Rossco01 repping the Placebo cover of RUTH, has always been my favourite version of that song and you did it proud mate.

I came out of this with a full head of steam to have a crack at performing at an OM sometime down the road.


Glad you enjoyed it Brendan. The OMs are fun, pretty early for us Aussies though!

Thanks alot Brendan appreciated!!
It’d be awesome to see you play at an OM, look forward to it when you feel you’re ready to go :slight_smile:


JK, we did have one scheduled for an evening for Aussies, mid-day in EMEA that was not convenient for USA/Canada. As you know I am an advocate for an OM-East and OM-West. I look forward to that step when we have sufficient members in the eastern reaches of the JGverse to support it.

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I’m all good with the early morning David :grinning:. I like the fact it’s a single OM with the community regulars :smile:!


I started to listen and write comment several weeks ago. I’m so bad, it has taken me almost until the next OM to listen to and comment on this one. I’ll keep my comments and observations brief and no critique, just appreciation.

@rossco01 Running Up That Hill

Great starter to the OM. Very subtle in your delivery. Low key and understated.

Small thought (I confess, I haven’t tried it myself) … would the melodic intro riff work if you played it using octaves rather than single string notes? Fatten it out a little perhaps.

@DavidP As Tears Go By

Post-covid recovered I think David. I reckon you could capo that and bring your vocal up a notch or two (pitch wise). Good, simple finger work too.

@grayal Times Like These

It’s great to have this type of performance. The OM events are not all about full-on singing & playing. Playing a simple song / chord progression is wholly valid and valued. Bravo.

@liaty Nothing Else Matters.

You played and sang fine Dave – nothing else matters (pun intended).

@eric.lennon Stuck In The Middle With You

Covid be damned, you did great Eric. And at no point did I feel like cutting my ears off! :wink:

@malz Take It Easy

You did indeed, and in the heatwave of the day you played it cool and took it easy. A nice and different take on the song. Well done Mal.

@Notter Half The World Away

You came out early doors and did a great job on this. One tip going from G major to G7 … if you use the weak finger G grip the change to G7 will be more efficient.

@martzon I Will Follow You Into The Dark

A confident start Martin, and you handled the little flub in just the right style, a little pick-up and carried right on. Good groove on the thumb-strum, my toes are tapping!

@sgtcolon Hotel California

Great job Stefan, a tricky song to sing and get through and you did really well. Your guitar sounded really good too.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Do Right By Your Woman

This song could have started the ‘don’t bore us get to the chorus’ phrase. Straight in with the juicy bits haha. Another winner in the TJ repertoire Toby.

@jestersea Nowhere Man

Well done Jesse, playing the E chord to get you grounded and give you the key to sing the acapella intro worked and you shot out of the blocks in fine style, real gusto and confidence throughout from that point on.

@rodreilly The Story Of The Blues

A super take on this song, making it plaintive and more attuned to its title. Bravo rod. With an 80s catalogue @Rossco01 will be enjoying your offerings.

@Rod58 Man On The Moon

Hey Rod, for your first time riding solo, with no training wheels, under your own pedal power, you’re rightly wearing the yellow jersey! Champion stuff.

@thecluelessluthier The Gambler

Great performance Mark & Jen, it’s always great to have a ‘group’ performance, your laid back style and mellow groove made for a good watch and listen.

@philsmith One

Phil, you were nicely unflustered by Jason’s correct call to make the interruption he did. You were not to know about the sound feeding through and his call-out must have been a little bit of a surprise. Like a good pro you got right back onto it and played well. Congrats on the first outing for the Trio too. Another performer showing that you don’t need to do all singing and all dancing, just a strumming of the chords works fine here.

@John_in_dot Ripple

By coincidence I first heard this song a few weeks ago as a recommended listen from one of my students and here it is again. Solid playing, bravo. I won’t mention the elephant in the room! :wink:

@jkahn While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Dynamic and passionate, bravo John. George sure didn’t play it like that.

@sclay Flame Trees

A fine way to bring the event to a close. Playing & singing all good.


Thank you for listen and the feedback Richard.
Most appreciated.

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Thanks for the listen, comment and advise Richard!

Funny you point out using the weak finger G on that G7 move. I did try it in the week running up to the OM and couldn’t get the move to the G comfortable enough to change it for the evening itself. I definitely could do with some more work on it to give me that ongoing option.

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Thanks for checking out the OM Richard and writing up some feedback. :grinning:

Not that it matters that much, but it’s JK (or James, but I usually go by JK). :slight_smile:

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