Open Mic 11: Recording + After-Show Chat

Great show last night, everyone, congrats to all the performers, you were all amazing. A shout out from me to JK as well, you did a great job hosting. And thanks always to the usual suspects behind the scenes :slightly_smiling_face:


A big shout out from me to all the performers and organisers. I’ve just watched the video of last nights show, terrific performances from you all. The standard just gets better and better. :clap::clap:

I couldn’t watch or join in last night as I couldn’t get my new iPad working properly! I should have gone back to using my phone but I wanted to try out the bigger screen. Clearly some homework required on how to use this thing! :frowning:


I have an iPad too. So if I can be of any help, just DM me :slight_smile:


Back for more …

@TheMadman_tobyjenner some fine playing and singing there, Toby. And some foot pedal action (I think) to get the most out of things. First artist and song new to me. Turned out I knew the second song, and thanks to your promotion of The Who, I’d now recognise it as being one of theirs. Good job playing along with the backing.

@Bytron08 darn, the show I miss is your debut, Bytron. Thank goodness for the recording. Good to see you joining this event in addition to your contribution to AVOYP. You delivered with your usual confidence and power. Well done.

@TheCluelessLuthier glad the set up is now sorted, Mark. You and Jen play and sing together like pros, love it. Jen, I think you need to turn up your bass a little next time out. And always look so good, colour-coded and attire that goes with the music. That inlay just looks magnificent.

@John_in_Dot the song was immediately recognisable, John, so you must be doing better than maybe you think you are. Loved the creativity of the string scrape to take care of that portion of the original. Doing well on the barre chords up and down the neck. Well done.

@jkahn and last but by no means least, JK. You aiming to pick songs people will know :rofl: … Audioslave … at least I have heard of the band, even if I don’t know their songs. I think your singing is better in our ears than your self-assessment. As for the second song, it to passed me by and not heard of Vance Joy. Seems like the new artists and music of the 21st century has largely, if entirely, slipped by me. That aside, loved your play and sing on Riptide.

Once again, congratulations to all the performers. You were all fabulous. Thanks to all the folk who showed up to listen, which makes it so special for all who play. And finally, thanks for the recording Adrian, a blessing for those of us who missed it live.


Awesome show guys, it was my first time watching one of these and I’m so glad I did. Seeing everyone playing and talking about playing is really inspiring.


David many thanks for listening back to the recording, your presence was missed but I am sure you will be back at it sooner than we think. And with a potential Christmas edition I would expect a red Santa’s hat to accompany your performance :grinning:

In terms of balance it was first time ever I used a new dynamic mic so lots to learn about it still, but glad it wasn’t distorted that is my trauma which prevents me from cranking up my feeds :grinning: all the best David and great night everyone really enjoyed it yesterday!

And I think this was least edited version I have done so far :laughing: only tweak I needed to do is to slightly loose some dB during Jason’s performance as final video came a bit hot soundwise, so -5dB more or less throughout.


Thanks Adrian. It was a crazy week and Saturday. Now I shall look out for the CFI for OMXII and hopefully play a song or two at that event.

Certainly no distortion on your sound, either guitar or vocal.

I just posted up a video in AVOYP. Forgot to mention in the blurb that I dropped the phone video into Reaper and used ReaLimit and the Loudness Meter to review the audio levels and boost them to the desired levels, as I was a little soft this time round. That was a quick and easy way to get the audio sorted and re-render the video out of Reaper, before adding titles, etc in my video editor. Perhaps something you could do to take care of the audio levels for the OM videos?

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Good to see the video of last nights performances up on YouTube. I’ll be watching it bites to give every performance the watching time it deserves.

@jkahn you are a natural in front of a camera. A very calm, warm and engaging MC. Look forward to watching your performance later on.

@Rossco01 that was a very welcome change seeing you perform a couple of acoustic songs. Great song choices, played and sung very well; you had me singing along with you.

@KevinKevan With every performance you keep raising the bar. You played and sang very well mate. That’s another AM song you have introduced to me.

@Rumil Well done Edgar! You rock :metal: That was some fantastic playing! As David said you rocked the house and showed that the OMs are for any style of music.

@Richard_close2u It was good to see the master following his young padiwan in the running order of the show. Just one look and I had to hit rewind for a second watch… great playing and singing… you had me singing along with my foot tapping away to the beat.

To be continued…


Thanks David!!! Hate that you was not there!!! Maybe next time!!! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the extra work and how quickly you edited and uploaded it. I’m currently watching it again. My nervousness before and the adrenaline after the performance didn’t allowed me to enjoy all the performances as they deserve.

Glad you liked it @Socio. And honored of being the first that brought metal to open mics :metal:


Thanks for the comments and taking time to listen David. As Adi said you were missed for sure. Yes certainly some pedal dancing on the Lesley Roy song, if you check out the OT its all strings and piano and really builds to a crescendo, so I had to do something to stop the guitar being swamped (leaving the volume down wasn’t the solution :rofl: ). The “pedals” added in stages were, reverb, delay and finally OD (the Teemahl I mentioned in your NGD post). Hitting them seamlessly and not looking is a skill I have yet to develop!

Good to The Who getting just recognition, as there may be more !

The CFI will be out later this evening, so keep them peeled ! :telescope:




Thanks James, always appreciate taking the time to go throught the entire event and give individual remarks.


Knock, Knock… Who’s There :sunglasses: :guitar:I’m looking forward to getting to your performance Toby… I’m a big Who fan


Thanks David, I actually had to go back to using my old laptop that I replaced due to breaking the screen. The new one, a Dell, has had a problem using Zoom & Facebook. I finally got the internal microphone to work, but the webcam still cuts out. Pretty soon we are going to have to invest in more hats, we are running low. :wink: I’m starting to think that a western themed inlay might be interesting. :thinking:


@Malz This was the first time that I’ve heard that song. The vocal harmonies were delightful to the ear and the guitar playing great.

@Willsie01 a big song covered by some big artists. I only recently listened to Chris Cornell’s version. You played, sang and captured the vibe of the song really well. As David says it would have been good if the vocals were a little louder as you have a really nice tone to your voice.

@liaty I’m starting to think your picking your songs from one of my playlists :wink: That was my favourite performances of yours so far Dave. Great vocals, tone, picking, strumming, dynamic… you done the song justice.

@adi_mrok that was some great playing and singing. Loved the licks in the chorus ( and you even done them ‘no lookies’). In the words of Wayne and Garth ‘We’re not worthy!!!’

To be continued


Thank you @DavidP there was indeed some distortion but unfortunately a busy week and lack of time on Sat didn’t give me enough time to sort it out… oh yes plenty of mistakes on this one! But all good fun


I had a great time listening to you all.
The bar was set high with the first song and it was fun and varied show!

Thanks everybody for performing and sticking a while for the aftershow chat.


What a great night.
I’ve been an audience only attendee at the last few and even though I knew the running order and JK gave me the alert I was ridiculously surprised when my turn came around. I suddenly had the feeling of ‘Oh, sheesh, it’s me and I’m on and I need to do my stuff now’.
I just knew that @DavidP would pick up on my self-deprecation. He doesn’t let me get away with anything that fella. haha

As to learning my songs on the day - it is genuine. I honestly did not decide what song(s) to play until about 3pm on the day - five hours before.
Blowing In The Wind I had learned to play years ago and have whisked out a basic version at drunken parties on occasion. So I knew I could pull a quick version together. Mamma Mia was a different story. About ten days ago one of my students asked if I could help her learn some sing-along songs and she name checked ABBA. I had a quick scout around and found that Mamma Mia used mainly cowboy chords, with some embellishment parts. I wrote out a chord chart and taught a simple strumming version. When Saturday afternoon came around I had the madcap idea that I should try to learn it more fully and attempt to sing it. Lo and behold, even if I say so myself, it was not bad, I could almost carry the tune. Once I had decided I did play it through a seven or eight times to try to memorise the structure and lyrics and changes, and to get a vocal working over the top. And it sort of worked, I think.

note 1
I still have little confidence in my singing. My tactic to try to make a reasonable attempt at getting an in-tune vocal is to wear headphones and turn myself up loud. This enforced listening does help.

note 2
I played a D augmented chord in the recurring riff of Mamma Mia.

D augmented = D, F#, A# = 1, 3, #5



Your vox were fine my friend you just need to believe in yourself. How much singing and playing are you doing on the side? The more you do the better it gets, confidence wise.
Do not be so hard on yourself.




Just spent a very pleasant 100 minutes watching the show. Chilled and adrenaline free, 24 hrs post the event.

What a great show and what superb performances by everyone. Congrats to all and especially the audience. It is always fantastic to watch the gallery during the performances and seeing everyone totally immersed in the show. Thank you all.

And as always the after show chat was a fun way to wind down the event. Thanks to those who stayed on.

See you at OM XII :metal::metal::metal: