Open Mic 11: Recording + After-Show Chat

Open Mic 11 - October 08, 2022.


:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC JK
00:03:50 Jason – Rossco01 [While My Guitar Gently Weeps & American Pie]
00:14:45 Kevin – KevinKevan [When The Sun Goes Down]
00:19:03 Edgar – Rumil [La Cancion Del Pirata]
00:24:55 Richard – Richard_close2u [Blowing In The Wind & Mamma Mia]
00:33:59 Mal (& Lara) – malz [Island Of Dreams]
00:37:35 John – Willsie01 [Nothing Compares 2 U &
00:44:24 Dave – liaty [One Day Like This]
00:50:19 Adrian – adi_mrok [Wild World]
00:54:37 Brian (& Chris) – brianlarsen [Six Forty Five]
01:00:19 Toby – TheMadman_tobyjenner [Dead But Brilliant & The Seeker]
01:09:52 Byron – Bytron09 [Again & Someone You Loved]
01:16:58 Mark (& Jen) – TheCluelessLuthier [Toes]
01:22:43 John – John_In_Dot [Space Oddity]
01:28:27 JK – jkhan [Like A Stone & Riptide]


Guys what a show tonight, huge credit to everyone, organisers, hosts, technical gurus and above all each and every performer. You all nailed it!
Than you for providing such an amazing evenings entertainment :+1:


Cheers everyone, great om as always, and special shout-out to the newcomers and to JK for his first time hosting


I enjoyed todays open mic and chat.


Great open mic, great after chat, my browser crashed so didn’t catch the last few minutes of a very interesting conversations! But thank you everyone for organising, performing or attending. It’s been another great show and see you all in about 6 weeks!


Thank you everyone, from performers to the audience and those who stayed on for a chat. You all made it a fantastic show.



Was awesome guys thanks for having me!! :slight_smile:


Congratulations for everyone! This OM went really smoothly and tech behaved pretty well. No major issues and we could enjoy everyone’s performance.

See you in the next one :metal:.


Thank you for posting David. Enjoy the show.


I think this may be the first OM that I have missed entirely. I had a crazy week and Saturday.

Happy to see the video up on Adrian’s channel this morning and now I can enjoy it after the fact, which may take a few bites to ‘eat the elephant’.

Firstly, awesome to see @jkahn stepping up and volunteering to be the event MC. And you are as accomplished in that role as you are playing and singing, JK.

@Rossco01 a little different in this show, Jason. I enjoyed seeing you back to you and your acoustic. Two enjoyable, well delivered songs. Played through the odd ooopsie which is such an essential thing to master. I thought maybe the guitar was a little hot and maybe clipping a wee bit? Could just be how the video rendered.

@KevinKevan Delightful, Kevin. I have been introduced to Arctic Monkey’s by my brother and you did a great job getting into their vibe. Love these songs, the lyric and style of delivery. Smooth work on the barre chords, dancing up and down the neck.

Now time to go make some noise, so ends the first bite …


What a super night it was. Great performances everyone. A very big, well done to the first timers as well. I really enjoyed the night and the bar keeps being raised every OM.

A big, thank you to @adi_mrok and @TheMadman_tobyjenner for making it happen.

A very big, big up to @jkahn for your superb MC’ing, man, you’re a natural.

I’m really looking forward to the next one. Christmas tunes only was it? :smiley:


What a great night :star_struck:. Super performers, fantastic song variety, great organisation and moderation, and a steadily growing audience :smiley::+1::clap:. Thanks to everybody who contributed to this amazing OM!! I‘m already looking forward to the next one :hugs:.


Second bite …

@Rumil :metal: your first time (I think), Edgar and you rocked the house down. Fabulous tone and all the metal techniques, delivered with style. Now next time, stand up and start throwing metal player shapes.

@Richard_close2u you do love that self-deprecatory, lower expectations intro before performing with aplomb, Richard. An ‘augmented chord’ not even sure what that is. Full marks for bravery for taking that second song on, ABBA songs are demanding from both melody and harmony perspective. Loved the palm muted riffing.


Thank you @DavidP!

Was my intention, but I couldn’t practice with the strap enough to feel confident. So I thought that was better to take one battle at a time. Next one it is my intention to be standing up :metal:.

Glad you liked it :blush:

PS. Oh yeah. It was my first OM


Time for a few more …

@Malz This takes me back to my childhood, Mal and Lara, as my parents loved The Seekers, and this is one of my favourites. Lovely vocal harmonies. You play and sing so well together, always a treat.

@Willsie01 good to see you back in OM action, John. Loved the vibe and feeling of your performance. Glad to see you have the tech set up all sorted. I’d have liked the vocal up a little louder, just a little. Maybe get the mic a little closer to your mouth or turn up the gain.

@liaty not what I expected, Dave, laid back and mellow rather than your more usual hard-rocking. Good work with the finger-picking. Looks like you don’t use the index finger so well set up for that hybrid style blending pick work and fingers. Fabulous tone when you got to the strummed portion, fine showcase of dynamics.

@adi_mrok great camera positioning, Adrian, showing off those instruments. One of my favourite Cat Stevens tunes, love those licks in the chorus and you did them clean at pace. I think you could also have boosted up the mic gain to get better (to my ears) guitar-vocal balance.

@brianlarsen the two of you sound so good together, Brian … vibes for Chris and his mandolin. Really enjoyed that.


The first thing I noticed, David, when I watched the recording. I was using a very stable floor mounted mic stand where I normally use a very unstable desk mounted arm, which always makes me nervous that it’s going to collapse. Downside is I can’t get close to the mic now. I need a Plan C. :upside_down_face:


@DavidP thank you David, not an easy song for me to sing and play at the same time but it’s fun to challenge yourself once in a while, and it’s a song I already knew from start to finish.
I believe you’ve mentioned some time before liking that first AM album a lot, I love it as well, it’s really energetic and “dirty”.


Thanks David

Ha, I guess that’s a direct result of attending Open Mics where everyone else is playing acoustic folk music :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve always been contrary though :thinking:

The bigger pubs where the Rock might go down better are the next step in the ladder, a bit too busy at the moment for the nerves.

The two finger ‘finger style pattern’ is just one I’ve made up, it’s a good way to practice because as there’s no pattern to remember it can flow naturally. I may wear it out though, I’ll have too watch for that .

Don’t worry, there’s rock in the pipeline, the latest is full of barre chords though, going to take some time.

Will be Christmas fare for next time though. A childhood favourite :star_struck:


It was a fantastic event. The quality of all the musicians was inspiring. Big thanks to all the performers and the organizers. :+1: :+1: :+1:


What do you think about publishing the set list? That would allow very easily to check the songs we are discovering through the open mics. At least, in my case, I seldom know the songs you cover.

Mine was : “La canción del pirata - Tierra Santa”