Open Mic 11: Recording + After-Show Chat

Oh, that is not good. I’ve got used to life without coffee now but I don’t think I could give up the beer. You have my sympathies John. :frowning:

Thanks socio!!! Glad you liked my performance!!! Everyone did great! :slight_smile:

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Loved how you did the seeker toby!! It was awesome!! :smiley:

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Thanks James, this became our warm climate theme song when we lived in Michigan during the winter, and again as we moved to Florida.

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Your wish is my command …


even better than that …

I am sharing the chord & lyric chart plus I used Guitar Pro to create TABs and audio tracks:

Follow this link and you should have access to download the files:

For the strumming I kept things quite accessible.
Palm mute downstrum 1/8ths on the Intro & Links.
Old Faithful most other parts.
Watch out for a cheeky change to Em on the & after 4 after the ‘my my’ and the ‘why why’ towards the end of the chorus. If you struge then just go to Em on the 1 for the bar that is solit equally Em then A.



Thanks James, I managed to stay relaxed this time which helps a lot.


Great show guys - really enjoyed it. Mama Mia by close2u was the highlight for me - but very entertaining couple of hours.


That was brilliant. Really impressed with everyone. Plucking (pun not intended) up the courage to maybe have a go one day.

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@TheMadman_tobyjenner “that’s ‘the Who’, from the sixties, not ‘the Hu’” :rofl: this cracked me up

Next time cover the Hu, go on.


@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks for the welcome. It cuts across my meditation time. If I don’t start my day with that, I tip over and that ain’t pretty.

You’re doing so well Toby with your music and you do a sterling job as Stage Manager :star2:


I get you on that one Maggie, need my daily dose of Zazen ! :person_in_lotus_position: and thank you for your kind words. One day we will have an OM that will suit our folks out “east” but we need more Aussies and Kiwis to sign up to tip the balance and our friends on the west Pacific rim.



Sorry to miss yet another OM :-/

On catch-up now, great job with the MC spot @jkahn.

@Rossco01 Lovely change (for me at least) to see you playing acoustic at an OM, I think it’s the first time I’ve seen you ‘unplugged’, rock-solid as always!

@KevinKevan Great bit of Artic Monkeys, as you said, it is really fast and you did a great job of it.

@Rumil great skills, thank you for posting the song title and artist too; that was a fantastic debut, you looked very relaxed, even to the point of showing your horns part-way through!

Back for more soon!


@Richard_close2u I agree with the other comments, nothing wrong with your signing, let it flow! Abba was a nice surprise too, I feel there is a seam to be mined there :slight_smile:

@Malz and Lara another cracking duet, with lovely intermingling of harmonies, what else can I say?!

@Willsie01 I agree that you need your mic a bit closer to you, your guitar came through nicely though, and the melodies came through really nicely indeed.

@liaty oh, I do like a bit of Elbow! A great choice of song, it worked beautifully with your vocal, and the dynamics were just spot-on with that tone.

@adi_mrok everything that I’ve come to expect from one of your performances, rock solid strumming mixed in with some fantastic fretwork and picking. Well-pitched for your vocal range too.

Time to take the dog out, I hope to catch the rest of the OM soon!


Hi Paraic
Thanks for the kind words @kontenda

Great to hear from you, I hope you’re keeping well. With luck we’ll have an OM that suits your time zone again soon, hopefully allowing you to perform again.

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Thanks @iainism
ABBA indeed, a little surprise. Surprised myself with it too haha. :slight_smile:


Just realised I hadn’t commented here yet sorry! A HUGE congrats to all involved! That was my first OM as an audience member and was completely blown away by the amazing talent of all the performers and how well the event ran (massive ups to @TheMadman_tobyjenner & @adi_mrok for coordination/technical support & of course @jkahn for exceptional MC’ing!! :star_struck:) :clap: :clap: :clap:
To all the performers, I am in awe of your ability to get in front of the mic and deliver such composed, high quality performances as you did, absolutely phenomenal stuff! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Thanks again to all for a brilliant show! Till next time! :guitar: :metal:


Thank you Iain for your kind words of encouragement.


Thanks Iain glad you enjoyed the show and special vibes for watching the show on YT!


Thank you for watching and your kind words, @iainism :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I just pretend to be relaxed. Fake it until you make it :rofl:


Hi everyone, everybody who performed did it very well. That the high level of the performances don’t deter anyone in earlier phases of their learning to show what they are capable of.