Open Mic 13: Recording + After-Show Chat

Brian’s debut as MC, music from Bob Dylan to Van Halen, acoustic and electric, strumming and picking, rhythm and lead … another fabulous show, a recording not to be missed.

Enjoy the show and be sure to sign up for OM XIV here.

Here’s a link to the event chat: OM13 chat.txt - Google Drive

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC Brian
00:04:02 David – DavidP [I Have A Dream]
00:11:03 Jesse – jestersea [Just Breathe]
00:17:00 Mal (& Lara) – malz [Carey]
00:22:15 Tjeerd – TRJ [Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright]
00:28:09 Dave – liaty [Van Halen]
00:34:25 Phil – twistor59 [Summer ‘68]
00:43:47 Eric – eric.lennon [Hi-Ho Silver Lining & When You’re Gone]
00:53:43 Rod – rodreilly [Killermont Street]
00:58:09 Jay – think2100 [Bogey’s Store & A Place Called Home]
01:08:42 Jenn (& Dan)– jenndye429 [I Love Rock And Roll]
01:13:29 Mark (& Jen) – TheCluelessLuthier [You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly]
01:17:40 Phil – philsmith [Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door & Mad World]
01:24:50 Dale – Charlie_James [Minimum]
01:29:40 JK – jkhan [Wicked Game & Everlong]


Another great show folks. Big thanks to both performers and audience for making this happened. Looking forward to a super 2023 OM season if this one is anything to go by.



What a great event, well done everyone that performed and thank you to all the audience that attended.

A couple of callouts in particular, I’m not going to do a blow-by-blow…

@brianlarsen as MC was entertaining, hilarious, chaotic, disorganised, and overall wonderful. Toby wouldn’t let you miss Jennifer & Dan :rofl:. Loved the banter and really made it an entertaining show.

Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner for organising the event, and for being the muter & spotlighter extraordinaire on the night, did a pretty slick job.

And the performers that I personally really enjoyed… everyone was great but I feel like calling these ones out.

@eric.lennon Who almost didn’t make it due to tech issues and ended up doing not 1, but 2 smashing songs including a Jeff Beck tribute.

@liaty For playing Van Halen Not Talkin’ About Love (and singing it too!), one of my dreamer songs, I was grinning through your whole performance.

@Malz and Lara, the folk singing father & daughter duet that would not be out of place on a stage at a folk festival.

Thanks everyone that stepped up!


Thanks to all the performers for all the great tunes! Enjoyed and inspired by all you all! :smiley: :heart: :clap: Thanks to all those organising and hosting! :smiley: :heart:


I had to leave early, during Pink Floyd of all things (sorry Phil).

I have just watched the pre-edit, pre-release video and have to say …
What a great show.
A real community togetherness in enjoying and sharing music shone through everyone.


Missed the show last night as it was my birthday and my wife and I were out having a birthday meal.
I’m looking forward to the video release.

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Many happy returns, Gordon!


Hi All,
I had a great time yesterday :clap: :man_bowing: :sunglasses: :bouquet: :bouquet: :bouquet: :clap:…never knew you could talk so easily Brian :roll_eyes: :joy: :sunglasses: :man_bowing:,…Toby ,it took me a while to realize that now you have to turn off the microphone with clicks in zoom and no longer with my keyboard on /off button??? :smiling_face:
AND WHO was standing in front of the door and keep ringing the doorbell :grimacing: :joy:,…

But …TJeemig de Peemig how good to see and hear how people get better so fast on the guitar and are confidently performing,… really cool :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing:
I was hugely impressed!!! :sunglasses: :clap:


Hope you had a good one Gordon ! MHRs :sunglasses:

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Yes ! I think you discovered that at the exact moment I was about to mute you ! You muted yourself and Phil @twistor59 shunted up the Participant List and I ended up muting him instead when he was getting into full Floyd flow !!

Yes folks it was me, hands up over here. Sorry Phil :cry: But hey you got back on the horse and didn’t miss a beat !



Haha, yeah no problem Toby :rofl: One thing I learned though - listening back to Adi’s preview link, my guitar was a bit too loud relative to the backing track - not horrendously so, but could have done with a few dB off. Strange, because in the headphones it sounded right. Something for me to keep in mind for the future.

Phil, the ‘final’ zoom sound I get is definitely not what I hear from the mixer in headphones. (Maybe different frequency response?)

Anyway, using a dB meter on laptop I try and set guitar to around -12dB and vocals peaking at around 8-6dB.

Final test is to record using ‘new meeting’ on zoom and have a listen back.

Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner had a whole thread dedicated to this, I’ll have a wratch .



Thanks for the tips Dave! I’ll have a look at the link you sent (yeah, I know, I should have looked before!). You certainly had the mix spot-on last night - and for that toon, it had to be! Turned out to be an awesome upper in Brian’s speedball :rofl:


There is definitely strange things going with the Zoom audio, if you are comparing headphones to speakers, still not sure I know how to get the right balance. I thought Mal was a little hot compared to Lara, when I listened last night. But after a very quick whizz through to check how I did on my Spotlighting debut, I stopped on their set and it was perfectly balanced through the PC speakers. Like I say still to discover the perfect balance on recording and playback. All good fun though !



Yes, Zoom seems to be able to do some heavy audio processing - the fact that it can virtually mute an instrument but leave the voice untouched (if you don’t have the original audio thing enabled) is quite a feat. I guess it was primarily designed for the world of speech.


Well that was my first time in the audience, live, even if I missed the first few performers, something to catch up on.
Must say I was hugely impressed with the whole event, really enjoyed the performances, nice to see a range of musical tastes.
Roll on the next one.
Michael :guitar::notes::guitar:


Watch this space, I am typing up the draft CFI at the moment. :sunglasses:

Such a great OM! Congrats to all the performers! You’ve all raised the bar again, some incredible talent on display! :tada::clap::clap::clap::star_struck:
Big shout out to the organisers as well! Not an easy feat and you bring it together so well! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
A couple of highlights for me were @liaty with some shredding Van Halen! :metal: @Jenndye429 (+1 of course! :drum: :laughing:) with a stellar Joan Jett cover! :woman_singer: And @jkahn with my fav Foos tune, Everlong! :sunglasses:
All performers were absolutely outstanding, such a privilege to be in the audience. Well done everyone! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Okay so video is out ladies and gents, however David or Richard will have to edit out the main post to put the link in there :grinning: in the meantime I will go through commentary I missed during the show:


Great job on the MC front. Of course you would be performing the intro - brilliant :slightly_smiling_face:

… and loving your custom paint job.

“Some one needs to be muted - thank you” - were you ever a school teacher David? That sent shivers down my spine.

Vocals are right on point tonight David, very nice.

Wonderful way to finish with the melody.

Jesse - great mentality, “I may be able to give it a go now that I’ve progressed a bit” :+1:

Nice touch, tone and rhythm with the finger picking.

Nice dynamics with the singing too, well done Jesse.

Mal and Lara - Really sweet duet :heart:

Yeah, lovely. The slight out of sync vocals actually highlight the contrast in your voices - it really works.

Well done both of you.

Great technique and tone Tjeerd. Nice laid back vocals.
Well recovered, it takes something to carry on :+1:

Fantastic debut!


Really pleased with this one. Many hours were put in.

Yeah, the zoom sound algorithm didn’t like my dives at the end, happened a couple of times during practice recording too. I’m on the Linux version so no original sound option - closest you get is echo cancellation to auto (as opposed to aggressive) and suppress background noise to low. Hey ho , it was at the end so no big deal.

Phil - Pink Floyd Yeah.

  • aargh! an interruption.
    @TheMadman_tobyjenner @davidp
    A quick search on the zoom site popped up that there’s a shortcut key of [alt] + M for muting / unmuting. I wonder if somebody fell foul of this? Also I think you are not muted by default when you enter the meeting.
    Maybe one to add to the etiquette guidance or is there a mute on entry option at the host end?

…anyway, wow Phil another great performance, tone sounds perfect.

And building in anticipation for the solo - lifted to another level.

Outstanding Phil.

Lovely Gibson there Eric :envy…
Eric, love the vox really easy to absorb.
Then breaks out the solo :fire:

Great muting technique there with the fretting hand.

…great tone for the Brian Adams :+1:

Nice and tidy Eric, well done.