Open Mic 13: Recording + After-Show Chat

Thanks JK, I’m flattered at your words. Some friends and I did start playing together with the hope to perform. Or course that was right at the start of 2020. So while we did get a lot of practice in, the only time we’ve played in front of people was when the bass player had a BBQ, so the guests didn’t exactly have a choice. :smile: Hope that this year we get to do some real shows.


Embarrassed to say, I totally missed this. Bummer. :sob:
I’ll catch the video for sure!


Hi all, I enjoyed the show, very good performances. Even those who had some normal technical or performance issues managed to continue their songs as if nothing had happened (did you notice something? No I didn’t). It was nice watching it as it happened.


Thank you Phil! Yes, Dan enjoyed drumming along to all the other performers as well. :laughing:

Thanks Adrian! I’ll have to take a look at that song as I haven’t heard it before. But I’ll definitely have a listen.

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Thank you so much Jeff! I had a lot of fun. I’m trying to work on having more of a “stage presence” even if it is just for a virtual stage :laughing: I’m happy you enjoyed it!


Thank you Dave! I love to pick songs where I can really crank up the volume :laughing:

Love how you bring so much personality to the open mics! You’re gonna love the results of that surgery. I had it last spring, and it’s been a life-changer!


Thank you Donna :smiley: and yes, day 2 post op and everything has settled down well.
Looking forward to when I can get them checked again in a couple of weeks to get the right prescription reading glasses.

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Hi Brian,

Good news! Now to a speedy recovery. And thanks again for the wonderful way you moderated XIII.


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@brianlarsen What a great opening. I think life should be done in song.

@DavidP That was a really nice rendition of a good song. Bravo for taking on an Abba track.

@jestersea A new song for me but I thought you sang and played it wonderfully.

@Malz Mal and Lara, fantastic stuff. You two always sound great together.

@TRJ That was a very enjoyable song, which you played and sang great. Well done for not letting your blip stop you.

@liaty Way to rock it man. That was excellent. Brilliant that you put on a bit of a show too.

I’ll catch the rest a little later.


Thank you Stefan, pleased you enjoyed our performance. :smiley:


@stefan, Thanks Stefan. Glad you enjoyed it. Appreciate you watching the recording.

Haha, wrong test, my friend :laughing:
They make you choose whether you’d like the replacement lens to see distance or near.
I chose the world over the word…
For the next month it’s a pain in the derriere, as I only have one lens in my reading glass, but after that I’ll be almost back to ‘normal:rofl:


That’s nice that you can choose that, :sunglasses: luckily I had no idea about that…and I had chosen the same,…isn’t it less scary in the morning when you look in the mirror :laughing:

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Thanks Stefan, starting to actually enjoy them now :cold_face:

I missed this live and could just watch the recording yesterday. What amazing bunch of talent, well done everyone.


@twistor59 Phil, that was some very cool playing. Very laid back. Superb solo. I loved it.

@eric.lennon Cracking job on both songs Eric. I think I’m with Jeff on the first one but your second is an all time favourite. Great stuff.

I caught everyone else after Eric but well done to all the performs from the night. It was top notch, as always.

Really enjoyed listening to everybody, great Open Mic and sorry I missed being in the live audience.

@brianlarsen Great performance as usual, extending longer than usual by winding through the entire evening! Enjoyed your ‘performance’ as MC too :slight_smile:

@DavidP ABBA is of course from my pre-teen years too. I remember when I was probably in my thirties borrowing a CD from a friend as I hadn’t heard ABBA in years. I did not enjoy it nearly as much as I remember enjoying it as a kid!! Nonetheless I did enjoy your cover, nice mixing in with the solo line too. (I think I remembered all the lyrics too lol.)

@jestersea great song to cover, and very nice performance, playing and singing both. I love when you step away from a song for awhile and when you come back to it your playing has somehow improved!

@Malz & Lara Blue is one of my favorite albums, and you both shone in this performance. Hard to sing Joni but you did a brilliant job. Love the family harmonies, and Lara channeling Joni. :slight_smile:

@TRJ Can’t go wrong with Dylan! Love this song. Really nice fingerpicking, you’re right into the song and it shows, very nicely played.

@liaty Van Halen wow! You killed it!! Love your song choices and your energy. Great showmanship too.

@twistor59 great playing Phil, nice levels on the backing too. Loved the solo.

@eric.lennon Jeff Beck alright. Nicely played. And then another Canadian, a rocker, really liked that cover.

@rodreilly I don’t know the song but I really enjoyed it, nicely played.

@think2100 Great to hear some original music, you’re quite the storyteller, really enjoyed your songs.

to be continued …