Open Mic 20 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Hi Ruaridh, thanks a lot for your kind words :hugs:. Although, I really don’t feel like ‘naturally musical’ - at least not, when it comes to playing an instrument or singing (but I’ve always been a dancer in one way or another :smiley:).

I do hope, that some day I’ll be able to play as smoothly and confidently as you did. I admire your ability to play a fingerpicked song while looking so relaxed :star_struck:.


Part 1

That was a really great Open Mic, I missed a good one! I had a front row seat booked and paid for but ended up with an allergic reaction (skin based, not anaphylactic) to some medication that had me in the ER for several hours, arriving home just before the event ended.

@brianlarsen That sounds like a completely new intro song to the one you played at the last one you hosted. It also sounds like you’ve been paying attention in the Live Theory classes, you’ve got some interesting chord changes going on! Well done, and great job hosting.

@Malz @ElleDeeGee You two are always a treat. I loved your version of Your Song. We have that in our repertoire but yours is a much more unique take on it. Love the beat. Ooh la la is another great showcase for the two of you as a guitars and singers duo.

@Eccleshall Nicely played on both songs. Both songs have very nice chord voicings, that always adds nicely to the songs.

@NicoleKKB Well done to be comfortable enough to play through a false start. Very nice job finger picking this song, it was quite lovely.

@liaty I hadn’t heard of the band, and don’t know the song, but I do like punk when I hear and you sounded great all around on this one!

@Notter I didn’t know this song either but I quite enjoyed your performance.

@twistor59 Love to hear some improvised lead, sounded great! (I also loved the look of your guitar :blush: )

@eric.lennon Really enjoyed listed to a track off this old Chris deBurgh album. A month-ish ago when I was up far too late listening to albums from my youth I got on to this one after I listened through a Supertramp album several times. I actually thought at the time about suggesting a couple of tracks from that album to @brianlarsen , Spanish Train or Patricia the Stripper (that second one I recall as my younger brother’s favorite – he would have been a pre-teen at that time!). You have definitely done justice to this track though - whether Brian accepts late requests or not lol.

@Charlie_James That’s a great song, loved your cover. Cool idea to put your pedal board up in the view too.


Part 2

@Jenndye429 and welcome to Greg, lots of bands have 2 guitarists, we’re waiting now for you to find your bassist and get him/her settled in to gig with you :blush:. Your two-song set sounded great, as usual.

@dobleA Very nice playing and singing, I quite enjoyed your performance.

@TheCluelessLuthier You two sound great together, and that is sure a lovely song.

@Brucie Great to see you two back for a second show, nicely played and sung, both songs.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner I remember watching a TV Show called Name That Tune when I was a kid, and although I couldn’t name many songs from the past quite a few years without listening all the way through and then still guessing anyway, this song which came out when I was 5 I could get in the first bar of percussion! Great tune. I had to go listen to your Dry Run recording to get the full impact, but what I will say from this version is it sure lets your vocals shine, and they certainly do! Nicely played – and sung!!

A couple other second starts that I didn’t mention – nicely played all to keep your cool and play on :blush:

Really nice variety of music, great playing from everyone, entertaining host as well :blush: Looking forward to the next one now!



Hi Mari. Thank you for taking the time for commenting on each performance. I’m glad you liked mine.

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Am I supposed to improvise a song as part of it? The bar has been set very high with the previous MCs. Where could I get the drumrolls? I’ll think about it :thinking:


Hello Mari, thanks so much for taking the time to comment on every single performance :hugs:.
I appreciate this very much :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks Mari!


Thank you Mari! Currently working on getting a bass player :grinning: Dan and Greg are already thinking about band names :laughing:


Thank you Mari, I guess with the guitar input muted, that was a given. :rofl: And yes as per the intro I know exactly what you mean. Plan A was to tap out the beat on the acoustic’s body but with a dynamic mic it never carried (would be fine with a condenser), So I dipped into GuitarPro and tabbed out a rendition of the Stones percussive intro or as close as I could get. The only thing missing at the start was Mick’s grunts, growns and Uhhs…I gave that a miss for sure. :rofl:

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Thanks Mari. It’s a fun one :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Mari, thank you for your kind words. We enjoy playing Your Song, it is a lovely piece. Pleased you enjoyed our efforts.

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Glad to hear your drug reaction was not of the more serious type, Mari. Hope you’re keeping your head above water. You’re very good to do a full OM review :smiley:

Haha, even if it was the same song, it would probably sound different anyway. I’m afraid I can’t take credit for the chord progression. Mr. Lennon wrote that for the fab four’s latest hit. I just messed with the lyrics a bit.
Regarding CdBurgh covers- I always loved Spanish Train. If I ever do a ‘competition with the Devil’ song, it’ll be either that or Tenacious D’s Tribute :laughing:


Believe me, no one would want to ever hear me ‘improvise’ :rofl:
I don’t think anyone else has done musical intros (apart from playing songs along with presenting), but that’s what makes it interesting. You can do whatever you like. Variety is the spice of life :wink:


Mari - thanks very much. Have a nice weekend. Bruce

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Just caught up with show after missing a few and the standard seems to have gone up a few levels. Well done to all the performers and to Brian and Toby for mc and organizer and to Jason for starting it all.


Thanks Mari,
I appreciate the kind words, and also going to the effort of commenting on each song. I half expected to find One Headlight in your learning logs. But what I did find were a few more I’d like to tackle :slight_smile:

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Well done to all involved I enjoyed that!

Shout out to the father and son duo - that was great to see. That young lad has a great voice already and it’s impressive that he was hitting those notes while sitting down haha!

Although It’s been a while since I’ve been on this forum, I was there for the inaugural open mic session! I’m hoping that I’ll pluck up the courage to throw my hat in the ring for the next one :grinning: I’ve been testing out my recording gear today and everything seems to be working fine (after 2 hours of fighting with it!), so no excuses not to have a crack at it.


Seize the day, laddie! :smiley:
The ‘next one’ is two and a half weeks away…
You fulfill all the eligibility criteria and are even preparing Justin’s favourite Christmas song :smiley:(although it’d be fine to do something else)
I wouldn’t worry about what level you play at, as long as you put in the effort to do your best. Justin’s a nice guy and super-supportive as a host.
I’ve seen Chrischty a number of times before, but not heard his Fairytale version- Cheers for that
(btw 9 days left to ponder my suggestion before closing date for submissions :wink:)


+1 Brian, and @Richard_close2u has emphasised that a seasonal tune is not prescribed.

A song doesn’t need to be ‘new’. Picking something familiar might go a long way to easing a player nto a performance too.

Go for it Aiden, everyone is on your side. :sunglasses:


Plus 2 from me :sunglasses:

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Thanks Mari, there’s certainly some fun chords in those.
My version of Who Knows where the Time goes is pretty much as Simon Nicol plays it, and Follow the Heron is my own arrangement of Karine Palwarts song,

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