Peter’s Jazz learning log

Having covered just about every level of blues on JustinGuitar, I’ve now started with Jazz up my blues. I already know 9th chords so I’m working on dominant 7 arpeggios. I’ve also had a look at the Jazz songs Autumn Leaves and Misty jumping about to later modules as is my habit. I will post some progress videos if and when I get that far. Learning the amount of new chords and remembering the new grips will be a challenge.



Look forward to seeing any progress videos you’d care to post Peter!! :joy: :slightly_smiling_face:

As a prelude to my Jazz journey, I am reprising anything vaguely jazzy that I know such as the Allman Bros version of Stormy Monday which has some jazzy chords. I have also signed up to the Solo Blues Guitar module primarily to get to grips with walking bass in familiar territory, i.e. blues, before I dive into the walking bass on jazz such as Falling Leaves.

I plan to put t a video up of Stormy Monday once I’ve reminded myself how to play Duane Allman’s solo properly. Falling Leaves will follow but I’m pretty confident with the chords now and have even being playing it in other keys.

Here’s me noodling around the basic Falling Leaves theme and chords. The tapping sound is my foot which is totally involuntary and must have been captured on my vocal mike which I’d left on! I also miked up the wrong amp which is why the sound is so bad but was just trying things out having not uploaded for ages. Just one take and I’m not doing it again but anyway it seems to be going in the right direction.

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Even worse when I recorded this, I hadn’t actually plugged in the lead from the amp mike (Shure 57) so all this was captured by the vocal mike (Shure 58) on the desk in front of me. Well at least that’s working…

To follow up on yesterday’s disaster, I’d been watching a Joe Pass video so got in the Zone. So I recorded the Falling (Autumn) Leaves track without much prep before I lost it. In the end I even used the wrong webcam! Well I hadn’t done a video for over a year.

To redeem myself, and to draw a line in the sand where I was with Jazz before I branched out, here’s the Jazzy chords of Stormy Monday Blues. I’ll put the solo on this once I’ve reminded myself how to edit a video!


After my noodling on Autumn Leaves, here are the chords now as per Justin’s lesson:

I’ve really struggled with arpeggios. Playing scales or patterns with just 3 or 4 notes seems alien to my fingers, I’ve always played scales and my fingers just keep adding other notes in through force of habit. So I thought a better way to learn would be to put the arpeggio in context. So I’ve noodled around with playing over the chords of “Need Your Love So Bad” and stuck a diminished arpeggio in when the progression goes to the diminished chord. This has helped me assimilate how and where they fit. Still not Jazz:



A bit more than a ‘noodle around’: very good. Intersting for me as a listener because it’s got some musical magnetism to it without seeming predictable or cliched. Some of the phrases earlier in the piece sounded quite B B King - ish. I loved it.


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Very nice Peter. A very enjoyable listen. You made some great use of those arpeggios in melodic ways. Lots of feeling in those runs.

Cheers, Shane

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Hamburger Jung, am I glad that you are not playing a Tüdelband in your videos but guitar. To paraphrase Mark Knopfler: Oh yeah, Jung, you can play :slightly_smiling_face:

Seriously though, I might not understand most anything what you are doing but I have ears… And at this stage, all I can say it’s a delight listening to you play and sing. It’s so smooth and you sound so relaxed and at ease.

Do you have a vision of the jazz sound you are aiming for? Bluesy jazz? Something else?

Woke up this morning and had the blues, no I had the Jazz, no I had the blues…

Thanks Nicole @JokuMuu you are very kind about my sloppy playing. But you’ve hit the nail right on the head with your question; where the hell am I going with all this? That’s something I’ve been pondering to myself so I’ll have to give that some more proper thought before answering.

PS: I’m going have to form a band called Tudelband now. In the meantime I’ll keep tudelling away on guitar.

Thank You Brian @beejay56 BB King was the inspiration of Peter Green whose song this is, so that was intentional. Glad it worked. Still not too sure how jazzy I want to go but I do like the more jazzy blues progressions.

Cheers Shane @sclay I actually stole the idea of putting the diminshed arpeggio in from Jeff McErlain from his version of Someday After A While. I can’t make anything work at the mo with 7 dominant arpeggios and certainly not in this song.

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Whilst pondering my jazz excursion, for those that have missed it, I do also enjoy the odd dalliance with folk. Blackwaterside was the basis for Jimmy Page’s “Black Mountain Side”.

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Great name for a band. I guess that band would play songs in 3:4 mostly (Can you hear it… Tüüü-del-band, Tüüü-del-band, Tüüü-del-band :notes:)

On a more serious note though: Maybe it’s all about discovering and trying out things in the end and less about conscious choices. And… If the video below can be trusted: There are different phases…