Piano Instruction Like JustingGuitar

Hello! I’m also learning piano. I have a spring key Casio that I will be upgrading to a weighted key digital piano. Still researching which one. Are you aware of any online site like Justin’s, paid or otherwise, that you would recommend for self-paced piano instruction? I see several out there but I’d like some personal recommendations.

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Hi ,i m on my phone so hard to look for me …but type in the right corner …‘piano like Justin’ …and that will give you some more results…
This has been asking more (of course because if there is i would like to know too …could not find it years ago so started guitar :smile:)

If this not help you and
If you find a same kind of site …please share,



I have used a Yamaha Clavinova - it took me from no piano knowledge to Grade 5 in my thirties. They have excellent weighted keys, a beautiful sound and are a pleasure to play. You can plug in headphones to practice without others hearing. There are quite a few versions and prices vary. If I were buying another piano I’d buy another Clavinova.



Yousician has piano lessons
its very similar to the musopia app with lessons

That piano has come up frequently in my searches for the right digital piano for me at this time. As I look for them I’ll list the ones that are often recommended by people here and teachers on youtube and maybe it will help someone in the future.

I will certainly share! I used to use Drumeo, a site for drummers that is similar in approach but not quite as comprehensive as here. There is a piano version of it that I’m checking out later today.

I will look into that, thanks!

I also used this for while…with the caveat that this was several years ago.

Back then, at least, their App was state of the art…especially if you used a MIDI cable with your keyboard. It would give you very detailed feedback on wrong notes and timing. Also had a good looping function for practicing difficult sections.

Things that weren’t as good as Justin’s stuff:

-Instructional materials were nowhere near as good as Justin’s content

-Song selection for the basic paid tier was extremely limited. You had to pay extra to get any reasonable number of songs. This wasn’t cheap - about $30 a month IIRC. Also, a lot of them seemed to be crowd sourced, and the quality was low.

But, as I said, this was several years ago…have things improved since then?

And then, there’s also this :slight_smile:

first one is still true but the quality is not too bad either

for the songs its the same price as the musopia app now :slight_smile: around 15$ a month or an annual plan
and the quality is as good as musopia too

thats i think the closest to what we get here , thats what I mean ^^

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You could purchase one of the Alfred’s books and work your way through it with this guy.

Thanks! I’m watching his intro video now.

https://www.pianote.com/ is what I’m seeing that is recommended quite a bit. The main instructor/owner is so bubbly I can hardly handle it, but I would get used to that in time.

Ah Pianote is part of Musora. I used their Drumeo for … drums.