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Am I becoming a grumpy old git? Why are the same subjects/questions raised time and time again?

Can I suggest that before starting a topic about something, do a search. It saves others lots of time repeating the same stuff over and over again.

Rant over. :smiley:


No comment :smiley:

You shouldn’t need to suggest it as it’s one of Community Etiquette and Rules.

Does the platform not give that message when you prepare a new topic and suggest similar topics :roll_eyes:


Unfortunately, its a part of every single forum I’ve been a member of since the 90’s. It’s not going to change here I’m afraid Gordon.

Your other point about being a grumpy old git. Not to me, but others opinions may vary. :rofl:.

Cheers, Shane


The thread you objected to was, in my opinion, different than the one you suggested. The poster asked if there was anything wrong with staying with .6 picks; you referred to a thread asking the general question of “what pick do you use.” Different enough I think.

Also, on some boards (I’ve never seen it here) people get scolded for resurrecting “zombie threads.” It’s often difficult to know what’s correct.


How about a FAQ for those frequently asked questions!


Good points.

I see this a lot all over the internet. People new to the topics don’t know what’s been asked. And it’s a balancing act in my opinion, because there can be nuances like the pick question.

Also, without discussions there will be no discussions. Right?

For my part, if I have a question and all I need is the answer I’ll do my best to see if it’s in the forum somewhere. But one of the reasons I’m here is community, too. So I’m inclined to find ways to discuss the topics I’m interested in.


That made me recall that there are quite a few Q&A live stream videos on the main website where Justin’s answered a lot of frequently answered questions. The video pages have time stamps with the questions asked. So if you did have a list of FAQs you could just link to the appropriate video time stamp and get an answer straight from Justin.

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While I completely agree with the sentiment, and do search before posting, one thing occurs to me: sometimes one craves a “conversation” about the thing that’s puzzling them. That itch isn’t always satisfied by reading through old threads. Of course, reviving a zombie thread usually results in a new conversation. Regardless of whether a zombie thread is reactivated or a new, possibly redundant thread is opened, often people respond who haven’t been part of the conversation before.

I guess I’m really echoing @thewritescott!


Ignore redundant posts if they bother you.


Nothing wrong with being a ‘grumpy old git’-
… as long as you know you’re being a grumpy old git :wink:

While we’re on the subject, I was wondering what folk thought about left-handed folk learning to play rightie guitar ? :thinking:


I have also seem community’s and forums die due to a lack of interest and people posting.
If people just searched for stuff then said nothing you have google and the community interaction will dwindle, also people don’t always know what they are trying to say or ask.
It also gives others a chance to read the repones and jog there interests or answer questions they did not think to check or ask.


Yes Gordon, you’re being a grumpy old git. :smiley:

Telling people they should go read instead of asking questions and chatting about their guitar learning experience isn’t a community - it’s a library. Shhh! Quiet please.


Completely with you, old Scot :blush:, I still try to point this out to people quite often, but I don’t often get support, so I do it less and less… I thought I was one of the few who is slightly annoyed /(more a sigh) by it… that makes me a grumpy young git :blush:


I agree with this. It can be frustrating to see the same questions again and again. But it’s natural. Communities that try and enforce the search-first rule tend to die and become non-communities. There are plenty of reddit subs like that.

So asking the same questions will happen, and better to let it happen.

Some will search anyway, you just never see their posts so don’t know it’s happening.


A healthy cross section of opinion to my OP. This Community is most certainly alive and kicking! :smiley:


For what it’s worth, you see it in your own user summary. Topics viewed vs topics created. Here’s an extreme example, this guy seems to be an introvert :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Oh yes. So much fun :smiley:


Hi ,You wouldn’t say it, but there is another one with even more deviating statistics :see_no_evil:
You 2 -758
That other one 20-8.700

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Move along now folks, nothing to see here…
No point in drawing attention to the sad stats pages :roll_eyes: :rofl:


Problem is you have to decide on the best guitar and amp first. And then when to move onto module 2 :smiley: