Community Etiquette and Rules


As you may or may not know, the vast majority of Justin’s site is FREE and Justin has very few rules except that he wants …

======== A POSITIVE ATTITUDE ========

The Community is a place for you to get help as you learn guitar with JustinGuitar’s course, to make friends and to have fun. And in that respect the following rules are the most important.

  • No personal attacks
  • No flame wars
  • No warez or promotion of such via links or similar
  • No links / ads to commercial initiatives outside the realm
  • No trolling
  • No politics or religion threads
  • No casual or blatant sexism or misogyny
  • Profanity to be kept at a minimum and do not try to veil your profanity via special characters.


======== Do’s and Don’ts ==============

  • DO NOT post tabs or other copyright material.
  • DO NOT put your email in a post. It will just get you loads of spam.
  • DO NOT try to PM Justin.
  • DO help new people as you yourself improve - remember we were all new once.
  • DO be careful meeting people in ‘real life’ whom you arrange to meet online.


======== The Moderators ==============

The moderators play an important role in the Community and deserve your respect. They are the people to contact if you have problems with account settings, technical problems or you feel that someone is not abiding by the “Positive Attitude” rules! You are encouraged to report any issues to moderators buttons and you can send them a PM (Private Message) if needed.





======== Before posting a new topic ======

Failure to follow the guidelines below may mean your post gets moved, edited or deleted. You will not necessarily be notified if this happens.

Please use the search facility before posting a new topic, it is quite likely that your question has been asked and answered before!

Look at ALL the boards to find the appropriate section for your topic.

Note that every lesson on has a Discussion option which connects directly with the matching Community section.

Once you find the appropriate section, make your post count and use a meaningful topic title. Most people will ignore a post simply titled ‘Help’. Keep things short and sweet but be as specific as you can. The more specific you are the better and more helpful the replies will be.

Please avoid using excessive ‘internet shorthand’ … cos sum ppl find it hrd 2 fink wen lik dis. We understand there are languages barriers and everyone is more than happy to work around this. If English is not your first language then just do the best you can :slight_smile:


Thanks again for joining our community and I hope you enjoy your time here,

Justin Sandercoe