Ramblin' Man Cover - Pkboo3, Adi_Mrok, RomanS, LBro

Here is Ramblin’ Man or as close to it as we could come! This is uh, the Allman Brothers’ version…
Ha - April Fools - Rather it is the Gary Stewart version and is different than what you normally hear. We are pretty close I think on this cover, but not exact. You be the judge of that.

This one was a challenge to produce. I think all did pretty well. Thanks to Roman, the co-producer as I think he pulled off a near record like mix! - Let me know what you think of that too.

The video is not exactly what I wanted to do, but realize there is very little of Gary Stewart pics out there. The guitar play video segment, is by a mystery guitar player. I will buy suds for anyone who can guess the player’s name. Hint - He is from a very famous band, from back in the mid 70’s to maybe 90’s era…

Credits of who did what are in the video, at the end!

I hope you enjoy,


Great cover peeps. Good to see @RomanS involved in another project. Truly miss his presence in the new Community. I bet @adi_mrok had to go onto Google to see what he was letting self in for :rofl:

All round good musicianship and production !


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Thanks Toby,
In reality, I felt sorry for Roman a bit and invited him in to co-produce this one. The mix was his baby. Roman lost Cagn to the band he is in. So no more Cagn & Roman collabs for probably at least a while. I though old Roman might go rusty on us and thus I prodded him into doing this one! :slight_smile:
At the end he said thanks for the chance to mix this and that it was great fun for him! I am grateful he was “in” on the project as he is the one I look up to for mix help and checking for issue prior to a final posting on my mixes. I have to have help as my bionic ears are a real hurdle to pass over when it comes to mixing!

All the best and be well Mate!


Excellent recording, and I love this production!!!
This classic is one of my fav!!!
Thanks for this beauty!

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H LBro ,Pam , Adrian and Roman
Thank you for this great fun earworm this Sunday in the (coming) sun working in the garden, I really enjoyed your collaboration :clap: :sunglasses: :man_bowing: :bouquet:
And extra Hug to you LBro that you brought in such an old (long time back :blush:) " acquaintance"… :heart:

Very cool project! Had an enjoyable musical start into Sunday. Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thank you Rene!
It just happens we share close to the same location in the area we live…

Thanks for the kudos on the recording and production. On the “mix” as I call it. That is pretty much the skill of Roman showing through in audible form. He might be the top mix guy and producer in the community that is not a pro! That is simply a humble assessment opinion of mine and nothing else.

Good to hear this classic is near and dear to you. You are welcome on the “beauty”!

Take good care!

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You must tell me Roger, or Rogier. Which is it you prefer as I see you seem to go by both? :slight_smile:

Oh my, you have “ear worms”? I am so sorry to hear that. Are they contagious? LOL/JK :wink:

All kidding aside. You are welcome on this one filling your ears with joy sir!

Ah, thanks for the hug. But it is easy to invite such a talented producer and mixer into the fold. In addition Roman is a good friend and worthy of such consideration. The proof of that is in what you hear! I think it’s a great mix IMHO. If you listen to the original by Gary Stewart, the mix is pretty decent in comparison. You can take that in here:
Gary Stewart Version
Sadly to me is that Gary sure sings a lot better than I… LOL

Be well Rog!

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Thanks for listening Helen! I am really glad this tickled your fancy too!

Take good care now,

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No one wants free suds? I am still waiting to hear who the mystery guitar player in the video is. No one has ventured a guess so far. Surely a big clue is the dents in his guitar! LOL
I know that is not much to go by…

Bravo and three cheers for the band and production team!!

Thanks for sharing, LBro. The performances, mix and video all tip-top and up to the expected WWM standards.

Can’t judge how close you are to the Gary Stewart version. In fact, I’ve never even heard of Gary Stewart :laughing: And your rendition was joyful, leaving me with no desire to listen to Gary’s.

Free ‘suds’ … I’m just not that into bubble bath to want free ‘suds’ :rofl: In my neck of the woods suds would be alluding to soap suds. I’m guessing across the Atlantic and equator it is a reference to beer maybe?

Now I’m up for a free beer and was looking forward to the challenge, but a short of hands and an LP makes it quite a challenge. Now who do I know who may have played such a guitar back in that era in a famous band. Only two names come to mind. Firstly Gary Moore if this was done after he acquired ‘Greenie’, Peter Green’s famous LP that I recall looking like that. Secondly, maybe Jimmy Page, whom I think played LPs at some points in his career. And both Thin Lizzy and Led Zep would count as famous bands in that era.

I have clicked ‘Watching’ so will track replies with curiosity until you reveal the mystery player.

My hat is off to DavidP! He nails Jimmy Page on the first go. I supplied too many clues I guess! Yes you get free suds, grog or beer mate. I guess your not into bubble bath, so it must be the cold one eh? To collect, you simply need to come to the USA in my neck of the woods. I am sure you will hop a plane in the next week or so, no? :slight_smile:

To be honest I had never heard of Gary Stewart either. I guess he is new to both of us! As said, not many pics online of him either. Many that were good had a virus underneath them. You have to be careful these day on the Net, to not catch a bug!

Thanks for the nice comments on the whole project! Much appreciated there!

All the best, but remember - With free suds you will be really clean! :wink:

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Thanks LBro, you can PayPal me some greenbacks and I’ll enjoy a local craft IPA :yum:

Jimmy Page was really a wild guess, knowing that he played an LP, and now that I think about it he is quite legendary as a session musician before he joined The Yardbirds and then Led Zep.

Much like Blackmore of Deep Purple, but Blackmore was most famous for playing a strat, after a semi-hollow (I suppose a 335) in Purple MK I.

Other famous LP players in 70s-90s a challenge. As for clues, the 70s meant Slash was ruled out :grin:

Thanks again for a cool share to enjoy this Sunday morning.

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Hi All,

Mega collab all round; Music, vocals and production.
Love that you get so many folk involved.

Never heard of Gary Stewart either - for some reason I kept thinking of James Stewart - the actor. :slight_smile:



Roger is the English version of Rogier, and I am called both here and also listen to both (in a bad way :roll_eyes:) … Rog is a very bad bastard … but those are also 2 people here who always / firmly call me that. :smile: …good to read the rest,
and the video link doesn’t work :upside_down_face:

Have a fantastic sunday and the best too,
Greetings Rogier …or what ever :joy:

What does the video link say??? It works here on my end in the USA?

Oh, sorry on Rog. I thought it covered both Roger and Rogier! Little did I know :slight_smile:
Not sure on this Sunday mate. The wife has a lot of Honey-Doos! :frowning:

The best to you on this fine day!

Hey Diggs!
Been a while there mano! Yeah, we had a real crew on this one. 2 producers… hey, that is better than 1 right? :slight_smile:
James Stewart… LOL, at least folks know who he is!

All the best Digger,

Video niet beschikbaar

Deze video is niet beschikbaar… :smile:

I did have an idea, I went to check it out and luckily it was correct, but I hadn’t heard it before and I laughed out loud … sorry for you, but I’m glad/happy about it :grin:
Greetings,Ruggero :sunglasses:

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I had to use the translator on your reply in part. So not available… hum… imagine that. Stinking YouTube! Try this one the as I put our copy up for you:
Gary Stewart Ramblin’ Man Original

You know the saying I think? Happy wife, happy life?

Take care & let me know if that link works at G-Drive,

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I don’t to PayPal mate! I guess it is a stalemate! :slight_smile:

Yeah, you narrowed it down pretty quickly. Good work for sure!

Have a great day!

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