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Hello everybody :wave:

I’m a bit ashamed, but being a member here for just a few days, I have an issue already concerning the reply to an individual post.

Sorry, if this has been explained somewhere else already, but I couldn’t find it, and now silly me is asking for some help here.

My problem:
As a first step being a new member here in the forum, I posted a little “hello” and introduced myself - and soon got lots of very kind messages from other members. (What a great community, btw :grinning:)
So I wanted to reply to each of them and used the grey reply arrow below the individual post.
My “Thank you”-message for the individual member then appeared twice: the first one hidden as a reply directly below the post that just opens when you click on it (as was intended), but also a similar post at the bottom of the thread, that now got very long and contains lots of messages that are not interesting for anybody else.
How can I fix this and answer to an individual post directly?

Every help and advice is very much appreciated - thanks in advance! :heart_hands:

Gunhild :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Gunhild,
Press the big orange REPLY button and start tapping each time with an spacebar and then@ …like @Gunhild … then names will appear that you can click on or type the first letter (S) of their forum name…
Hope this is what you mean,


Thank you so much for your very fast response and your help. :slightly_smiling_face:
Yes, I guess that’s what I had been looking for.

I’m trying it right now and reply to you this way, and hope it works :pray:
Thanks again for your kindness :smiley:

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Oh, again it appeared as a new post in the thread … :thinking:

It Works :sweat_smile:
With the first reply he makes a new post … you add the rest of the names … if you want to change something in your own post use the pencil (edit) … but that is not usual for reply

So …clear? keep asking if not
Enjoy it,greetings

I can now add multiple names (max 10) and use the edit now
@Gunhild or lets say hello to @brianlarsen ( hi Brian :grin: )so also others not in this thread you can ad… oke i stop for now I see you are typing :smile:

Well, it’s me again … :wink:
Does it really work?
I still can see my post twice: one as a reply right under your post, and a second as a new post at the bottom of the page.
Or does the second post only appear in my account and others don’t see it twice?

Aaaa that`s what you mean … me :upside_down_face:
that is if you press the gray reply and we don’t get to see that only if we press the button ‘Reply with arrow sign down’ (on the left)

I wonder if I am helping you or complicating things with way too many words…I am technically limited :grimacing:

Who disturbs the slumber of the Nordic axeman?!?:rage: Oh, it’s only the low-land dweller…
Better be gentle with the blathering one as he appears to be trying to be helpful to a newbie :wink:

Herzlich wilkommen Gunhild, feel free to experiment. It’s hard to break anything here. Believe me, I’ve tried :rofl:


Oh no, you really are a great help! :hugs:

I’ll try it one more time, OK?
I’m using the grey reply-button now. Yes, the one on the left below your post. Although there’s only an arrow pointing to the left, not pointing down.
And your name appears on top of the message I’m typing (next to an arrow pointing to the right :sweat_smile:
So, my fingers are crossed … :wink:

Oh, hello Brian :slightly_smiling_face:
Nice to meet you!

But what am I doing? A complete newbie and disturbing the peace of the entire community here :smiling_face:

I guess I have to face the truth: I’m just too stupid to hang around here. I should have known … :laughing:

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Under my post number 5 on the counting up timeline on the far right…there(post 5) you see for example 2 Reply standing under the post…

and it looks like you are doing well so I think this has been resolved anyway….but feel free to ask …and certainly ask Brian that keeps him awake, but there are serious doubts whether he is to blame for the 3 day total eclipse of this comunity a while ago … but investigation is still ongoing… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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This is encouraging. So I’ll keep trying again :wink:

Huge thanks for your patience :hugs:

A total eclipse of this community? Well, glad that this definitely wasn’t my fault. I’m here for just a few days :sweat_smile:
But maybe the next one? Who knows?! I guess, I have a talent for such things :wink:

Welcome Gunhild to the Community.

Let me try and clarify what is happening, as the “issue” has been discussed on a number of occaisions.

If you reply to someone using the grey arrow reply “button” and not just a new general reply using the large orange arrow, it works in two different ways. This is just the way the forum software/code is built I believe.

Firstly if you are replying to the user in the following post, the reply appears as if it is just a general reply but the user will be notified of your reply.

If there has been a subsequent post(s) after the one you wish to reply to you will see the

indicating a reply has been sent to that user. They will also get a notification of the reply.

Finally, if you click on the grey righthand arrow, for example your reply to Brian, it will open up a copy of the original post you have replied to.

Its taken us a while to get our heads around this and I am hoping my explanation makes sufficient sense for you to understand what is going on.

Let me know if that makes sense. If it doesn’t I’ll just and make something up. :rofl:


I remember that thread, it was a rather hilarious read :grinning:

See @Gunhild … Now I am replying to Toby - using the grey arrow - and it looks as if I would have been making a general reply, because Toby’s post is right above mine :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello Toby :slightly_smiling_face:
Thanks a lot for your kind reply to my “reply-issue” - and especially for the detailed explanation.
So many friendly and helpful people around here … :hugs:
I’ll try to send this answer the way you’ve explained and hope it works.
If not, it is entirely my fault, your explanation was perfect :+1:

Thanks again - and I dearly hope that I’m the only stupid here - otherwise you won’t have time to play guitar when you frequently have to answer such silly questions like mine here :wink:

See Gunhild, now I am replying to you, but it looks like a general reply. You should still see a notification that somebody replied to your post.

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Was that the big orange reply you used there ? Fun and games isn’t it. :rofl:

Now I am sending a general reply. You should not see any notification about this. So just one reply from Nicole (JokuMuu).

And I agree with the others, there simply are no stupid questions around here :sun_with_face:

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While we are on the subject of replying, how do you reply and highlight only the portion of the thread you want to specifically respond to?

I see this highlighted in grey. Is that a cut and paste job?

Draw the cursor across the text you want to select and click on the “quote” that comes up.