Roller coaster (intro)

Hi dear people,
The last few days I’ve practiced myself completely mad on this intro of this world famous song in the Netherlands (and maybe Belgium)…It’s just the intro, if I ever sing I’ll do the rest too. …for now I’m getting off the rollercoaster because I’m tired of it for a while…I expect learning this song will speed up learning the blues songs from Justin’s course… …for an unclear reason I keep looking at those printed papers and I think … Yes yes, next week, now let’s do something else :blush:

Oh yes, this is of course a song that should be played on the acoustic guitar … someday and maybe a little faster I will try that…

Rollarcoaster (intro) Danny Vera
Greetings ,Rogier


That sounded awsome Rogier :fire:

very very nicely done, your guitar sounded cool… what kind of settings is that?

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:joy:…You are fast,
Thank you very much,

That’s a vox ac15 c1 with the reverb on half way…no more

Sounds awesome Rogier, nice one :clap:

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Wow, sounded great. What a melody. Is that travis picked?

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Hi Mark,
Thanks for your your comment…

Hi JK,
Thank you,…and on Travis picking my index finger would switch on the bass strings…now it’s just thumb to do the tedious work,and my head because I’m new to this and it still feels like work…very sometimes it worked without looking, and that feels good :smile:

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Lovely stuff, Rogier. Sounded fabulous, steady picking and and fine tone. I am sure you’ll do well with the solo blues course studies.

Eventually I shall go back and have another go at those (I shared a recording of me attempting Study Thumb Blues, before I got side-tracked down the vocal path)

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Thank you very much David,
I don’t know if this is a language thing, but I mean ‘Walking bass blues’ 10 songs etc, and not the solo licks etc…and i see here the "Steady Thumb Blues’ in front of me now…i guess that`s also the one you mean :smile:…Go back to it :sunglasses:
Those blues studies look so simple on Tab paper and 4 barrs or something fine,…but then GRRRRRR (it must be the age :roll_eyes:)…

Edit:SOLO BLUES GUITAR…that’s a translation thing that goes wrong in my head…i see it now…thanks for this because now it’s ready in front of me, and i will start this weekend … In the mornings only unfortunately …I’m going loose first on the Steady thum blues…

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That was lovely Rogier. Fingerstyle on electric is not easy as any unwanted string noise is amplified and you managed to avoid that. Well done and I look forward to more of that song when you get it down.

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Really great job Rogier looking forward to learning bits that are after the intro. Looks like it’s going to keep you busy for a while! :grinning:

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Thank you Gordon,
Thanks also for listening carefully,…I think the lack of space on the electric guitar is a thing…and of course also the difference in sound…what you say about unwanted amplified string noise :hear_no_evil:, … I haven’t even thought about that,and that often gets in the way of me too and the reason that I often had to erase the recorded sound and tried to play even quieter and neater today…this was attempt 8 or something…

Thanks Adrian,
Well, the rest of the song should be easier, but it really needs to be sung (I think)…I already have …because of David :smile:…Steady thumb blues and walkin’easy blues stand in front of me…the first one I had already started with I can see from the pen lines on the paper :face_with_peeking_eye:…so busy yes, yes
Greetings ,and you can take it easy after this weekend :sunglasses:

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Hi Rogier,
Not sure what spelling to use on your name?

I found your play very steady, even and an enjoyable listen. Seems the cat agrees! Hope you come up with more and share it!

Nice tone on your travel guitar. Thanks for sharing the amp settings…

All the best and be well,

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Hi LBro,
You got my name right, but I also listen to the english version and the italian one…when logging in for the first time, my name was always in use, although I haven’t seen Rogier here yet…
Thanks for sharing that you liked it…and I saw that cat sitting in my phone screen and heard her drink :hear_no_evil:…focus focus focus :sweat_smile:
Glad you liked the sound … I wonder if anyone who knows the song will complain about it…

Travel guitar??? nooo :upside_down_face:, …okay, they’ve torn some pieces off it and she looks a bit handicapped, :blush:…but this one is not sold as a travel guitar…(or is a small made guitar always a travel… .in that case … well seen :joy:)
…Thanks , And of course all the best for you too,
Greetings ,Rogier

Sure looks like a travel guitar. What is the brand and model of it?


Ibanez Q54-BKF

Ha ha …we’re posting at the same time… you’ve already figured it out :sunglasses:

I see what the deal is. At first glance your guitar (black) blends into your shirt color and I did not full size the YT screen. I went back to try and read the headstock name, but it is not clear enough to read. I know it is short though. At any rate, once zoomed in I could see the full size of the body of the guitar and that looks normal. The cutout and blunted headstock had me thinking otherwise.

Be well,

Thanks for the name and info. Is that Ibenez a copy of a Strandberg Boden?


Someone posted a picture of him with this guitar on my learning log,…so that must be it, I just chose based on the weight and still a little bit of a body to lean on…
and the body is in any case a lot smaller than the PRS and the Fender Player
…Your link errorted…
And my wife points out a typo in the title Rollar must be roller and a space :upside_down_face: