Sairfingers’ Learning Log

A good read Gordon. Enjoyed the update. Always enjoy your playing and singing, and friendly banter. Lots of new people in this new community, which is great, but sometimes I miss that smaller forum that I joined nearly 2 years ago, and was initially helped along by people like yourself. Must be getting sentimental in my old age.
I see you’re still hookin into the improv. I’m goin along alright with it. Its the one area I give myself free reign - other than that I try and stick to the intermediate course. I’ve found that learning triads and arpeggio shapes is having a big impact on my improvisation.
Re an AVOYP on the electric - if you like America’s music, Sister Golden Hair is a crackin tune. A real barre chord workout too, in line with the intermediate course lessons on barre chords.
Anyway, good to hear from you Gordon.

Cheers Shane.

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Hi Gordon that was a very good update.

Those are inspirational words that I really need to take on board.

That reminds me of the old saying the day you stop learning is the day you die. So I’d be happy to be learning to play guitar on a journey that doesn’t end.

That sounds like a great goal for 2022. Looking forward to seeing you rock out.

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Happy forth JGversary, Gordon.

I will keep it short (it is your Topic after all) and just say keep doing what you are doing, enjoying the learning, recording your songs (I think those one takes serve you well), working at your improv.



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Good update Gordon and happy 4th guitar birthday! I don’t think the struggles you articulate are that different to anyone elses! at the start just to be able to play guitar is the goal…when you get there is can be a bit of what’s next?

I would look at your comment on spreading yourself thinly in a slightly different way and thats getting a rounder education…you focus too early and you miss out on stuff. You also focus on what you have time for! you can’t do everything.

You know what drives and interests you and I’d focus on improving those things…rather than necessarily spinning out on to something that doesn’t interest you but you feel obliged to tackle.

Been good having you along for the ride so far and I look forward to more of AVOYP postings (and perhaps an OM appearance :wink: )


Wonderful update Gordon and happy anniversary. I can honestly say that I think you have had a very productive year and made great progress. Despite what you say your one take songs are showing more confidence and you seem more relaxed. On know we’ve said it before but you really are ready for an open mic debut. Your improvising has also come on in leaps and bounds. Keep doing what you’re doing, if that means combining Justin’s lick with Corey’s all well and good. We all know need many licks in our locker, so keep acquiring and working them into your routine and all will be well.
Have a great year five, learn more and keep having fun. :sunglasses:


Congratulations on your fourth anniversary Gordon :tumbler_glass:

You’ve found your own style and your own way of learning and progressing and you consistently post good music. You also enrich the life of this community with your sense of humour.

Every reason to be happy with yourself Gordon.


A month or so ago Brian posted a topic about minimalist guitar equipment. I replied and subsequently thought I should copy this into my LL. I’m always talking about my ‘line in the sand’ song AVoYP’s so I thought I should put up a ‘line in the sand’ equipment post. Who knows if I’ll succumb to GAS. I’m currently immune! The nearest I’ve got is thinking about a travel guitar.

This is my guitar ‘corner’.

I’m pretty minimalist :-

1 acoustic guitar - Martin D28
1 electric guitar - Gibson SG
1 amp - Boss Katana 50
1 wireless guitar to amp system - Amoon
1 Trio+ band creator/looper and FS3X footswitch
1 pair headphones - audio technica
1 music stand

As for recording, I use my iPhone for video and audio. I have GarageBand on my phone but have never worked out how to use it and as I only record to post my progress here and for self critique, the phone upload to YouTube is enough for me.

I control my amp using the on amp controls and have only connected it to a computer once. That was on the day I bought the amp. The pc crashed (too old to cope, a bit like me!). That pc no longer exists and hasn’t been replaced. The downside of this is that I do everything on the small phone screen.

I’ve also got the obligatory cupboard containing picks, strings, tuner, metronome, cables, adapters, song books, etc, etc.

As I said, this is a ‘line in the sand’ and as far as future equipment goes, never say never! :smiley:


And the reveal, a secret GAS stash !! You do what works for you sir but just keep that Connery film title in mind.

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Love the guitars, Gordon. They look and sound great.
With all that dancing you’ve been doing lately with Layla on the acoustic, my moneys on you getting a cutaway.


Nice, clean looking setup there Gordon. Not disimilar to mine, minus the guitar stands. I wouldn’t be game in my house with our 50kg Wolfhound lopin’ around the joint, with 2 staffies in tow. :dog2::guide_dog::guide_dog:
Goes to show you dont necessarily need to go all high tech to make great music.



‘Minimalist is as minimalist does’

Dear me, it is butchery of a quote from somewhere but it is from the darker recaches of the subconscious and I can’t pull the source into the light. I am sure somebody will in due course.

To the point, I guess ultimate minimalist is an acoustic or an electric and an amp. To have both is a little less minimal. Trio is another step.

Go on Gordon, get yourself a pedal to put in front of the Trio to lay down clean rhythm and switch into lead tones with just one stomp … maybe your son has one you can ‘borrow’ (if he has a degree of pedal mania).

My random rambles aside. You do have great gear and deliver great music … keep doing what you do and if I could wish anything … more frequent songs from you. And I’ll say it before you do … I know it is rich coming from me who is a far far less frequent AVOYP poster than in my earlier years. So please do as I say not as I do :rofl:

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Gordon, you are a purist and I’m liking that setup. It has a lot in common with what I shared, except I left a lot of flotsam and jetsam out of the photo (with classier guitars) :wink:
It is minimal in as much as it allows you to (almost) get maximum diversity out of minimal equipment. @DavidP does have a point about pedals, although I would modify his suggestion of a pre-trio pedal to an FS-6 footswitch for your Boss Katana.
In the same way that you don’t want to be fiddling with your fingers on the Trio+; with an amp footswitch controller you can program a couple of your favourite tones on your amp and then switch with your foot while playing. The equivalent of having multiple programmable pedals for one reasonable price :wink:

Run, David, Run!

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Maybe though that then means playing the Trio through the aux input with that cunning combination of cables to link output of Trio to amp aux in … I think. With that in mind maybe a multi-fx to put in front of the Trio so the amp can be clean so as not to colour the bass and drums.

Sorry Gordon … don’t mind us.

Of course. I almost put a bet out when I wrote that that it would be your good self putting me out of my mystery … how apt it was.

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I think you might be immune to GAS because you have a Martin D28 & Gibson SG. Who needs more! Pretty sweet setup.


Hi Gordon,
Why haven’t I read this yet??? thought I had read your diary on the old forum…Uh… Roadcase/LearningLog…but I would have remembered Zere vinger :joy:.
Great to read everything, really enjoyed it :sunglasses:…and as for paper and pen,…I just don’t take a picture of my work table without first cleaning up and then you see piles of paper, I’m not without it at all pen and paper…
Have fun and I look forward to your updates, :milk_glass:

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I thought I’d add an update link to a couple of my recent posts to remind me of another chapter in my guitar voyage.

My new chair arrived today

New chair, now I need a strap!


I missed the second installment to procure the strap, Gordon … looks great. Now we wait for a video of you playing a song from the new chair. :grin:

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Well I finally succumbed to GAS so thought I’d better link my LL to the relevant post.

NGD - Travel guitar


New guitar sounded pretty good, Gordon, and that is quite a set of recordings you have.

It might be interesting for you to repeat that and record a rendition with the Martin. Would be interesting to hear the difference. You could add the second recording to the topic, if you feel inclined.

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It wouldn’t really be a fair comparison David. The guitars are at different ends of the spectrum price wise.
The PRS will serve a purpose. It’s a guitar I’ll be able to take out and about and not worry about it getting damaged. Having said that, I’m impressed by the PRS’s tone and build quality.