She Drives Me Crazy - Fine Young Cannibals

This song came about after reading various topics on the forum.

Chord progressions. This is a I,vi,IV,V. The whole song, verses and choruses, follows this progression and there is no bridge. How do you stop it sounding boring?
Strumming patterns and rhythm. @Richard_close2u recently did a Club lesson on this which gave me food for thought.

My version bears no resemblance to the original apart from the basic melody and that was another recent topic on the forum. Find your sound and make the song your own.

It’s a Wednesday so I did a one take. It’s a bit rough in places and perhaps I should have put it in my learning log and not here but I made the song my own I think.
Comments and opinions are as always most welcome.


Hi Gordon ,

The title for sure…yes I get that :laughing:

Heck no !!!
It was really a pleasure to watch and listen to :clap: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:…and the anticipation started from the very first sentence for me :smile: and you made it happen :bouquet:

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You made the song your own and it sounds great :+1:

I wish I could grip that F barre chord with such strength. After a few months practicing it my skinny fingers still tremble :joy:

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Nice one Gordon. You sure did make it your own and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The strumming and rhythm sure did the job.

And I think even a bird stopped to have a listen on your neighbours chimney.

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Hi Gordon, I listened to your song with a big smile on my face :blush:. I wouldn’t have expected you to play this song at all, so I got very curious. Simply said, you defintely made it your own and I prefer your version over the original. I like your varied strumming patterns, you took Richards Club lesson by heart and obviously fully absorbed it! Your voice: pleasant as everytime!
I didn’t hear too many rough bits and it’s a skill on its own to get a song working in a pretty short period. Thanks for posting. I save the flowers for someone else, I guess you prefer a well deserved, cultivated drink :tumbler_glass: tonight :wink:.

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What? That song? :slightly_smiling_face: Never really liked the original a lot, I mean, it starts interesting… but at some point it gets boring and repetitive.

Your version though, wow. Double-wow even :slightly_smiling_face: It didn’t get boring for me at all. Of course, I started wondering why… so…

… here’s what I did: I listened to your version, then listened to the original, then back to yours. And a bit I started to understand what you did: You stripped the original down and at the same time miraculously turned a somewhat plasticky popsong into a stadium-rocker. Those percussive hits towards the end give the song new life and prevent it from getting boring as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your made this song your own in a magnificent way, and I love the one-take edginess :star_struck:

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Hey Gordon. Nice application of the tips from Richard in his Club lesson. Good job on your creativity. Very inspiring!!

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Ahhh… have not heard this in a loooong time. But if the original was as good as yours it would not been that long ago…
superb Gordon. Just shows what can be done with a acoustic and another take on things… liked it a lot Gordon!

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Perhaps I should have put it in my learning log.

Thanks Rogier. This whole thing was a bit of an experiment to see what I could do with a song that repeated the chord progression throughout. That’s why I thought perhaps the LL would be the place for it. Glad you liked my version.

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It’s just practise Carlos and there were a couple in there that were less than perfect. Thanks for the listen and taking time to comment.

Thanks Stefan glad you enjoyed the song. Much appreciated.

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Oh really enjoyed that one Gordon! You did a great customization job on the song - well done!

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@Helen0609 @JokuMuu @pkboo3
Andrea, Nicole, Pam. Thank you all so much for the listen and kind comments.

You’ve all picked up on the “making it my own” aspect of this which is great as that was the object of the exercise. Keep the basic melody as it’s quite a recognisable song and change everything else.
You’re right Andrea, it’s not a song I would have immediately picked to play but the repetitive chord progression fitted the bill.
As for me turning it into a stadium rocker Nicole……:woozy_face::joy:


@tRONd @twistor59
Thanks guys. I’m so pleased you enjoyed this as it was a bit of an experiment. I appreciate you listening and commenting.

Great performance Gordon sounds good to me not rough at all no fret buzz no bum notes

enjoyed it

:joy: You need some imagination, I confess. Just imagine the height of a festival. People are a bit drunk, longing for something a bit melancholic, but something that drives them enough to stay awake. Something they can sing along to and that keeps them going even still … In my ears, your version of that song is such a typical candidate… So yes, I can easily imagine your interpretation of the song played at an open aire festival late at night :night_with_stars: That’s what I meant :slightly_smiling_face:

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Good job, Gordon, enjoyed that.

I still like to give that album a listen every now and then. He had a most interesting voice


Well Gordon that’s a blast from the past, I instantly pictured the CD cover.


I must have played it so many times when I got it that it was worn out if you can do that to a CD and still on my iPod
Really enjoyed that Gordon well done.

Good to see you keeping the midweek traditions alive, Gordon :smiley:
You are a wise owl and it will stand you in good stead.

Mix up the strumming patterns, hit some bass notes, some embellishments… :ballot_box_with_check:

I’ve seen some eejits put on weird clothes, pull funny faces, act the maggot and even change the lyrics to try to keep folks’ attention. Doesn’t help with their guitar playing though :rofl:
Well performed :sunglasses:

Now if you really want to please this punter, you’ll make a version of Johnny by the same band completely your own. Loved that song


Gordon, that was a very enjoyable listen! :clap:

I liked your rendition a lot, how you took this full-pop production down on a kind of singer-songwriter stage. That suited the piece really well. Also, the way you created and kept the interest over the same chord progression through the whole song was amazing. You did very well on that part and achieved what you had in mind. :smiley:

I liked the “rough” bits, it makes it all more human and relatable than over polished pop-productions. I really like this concept of one takers, it’s an honest thing to do and you smashed it. :slight_smile:

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You really did a great job of making this song your own, using just one guitar and vocals!
Not everyone can do that, bravo, sir :clap:

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