She Talks to Angels (Collab with The Madman)

Well wasn’t I thrilled after I jokingly posted a comment at OM 5 saying I’d play She Talks to Angels if @TheMadman_tobyjenner would sing it, and Toby took me up on it! Such a great song, I hope you think we did it justice. Here is our Collab, me on guitar and Toby on vox. Krista added a plugin to the guitar, but other than that Toby did all the mixing and mastering.


That was great; y’all had me singing along. :slight_smile: Very cool to hear this collaboration. Well done, @mari and @TheMadman_tobyjenner!


Thanks Jason, it was great fun to work with @TheMadman_tobyjenner !!

Nicely done @mari and @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Enjoyed that.


@TheMadman_tobyjenner and @mari - Ok, I’m officially a fan. Well done. Mari, I noticed in your profile you enjoy drones, are there any videos to share from your drone flying?


What a great collab. It sounds to me like someone @mari has been spending time in the practice room with their :guitar:.
That was just :fire::fire:ing, guys. Nice one!!


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Nice to see you here Dave, and thanks for the listen and comment. My only 2022 resolution is going to be to play more guitar, so here’s hoping for a great 2022 :smiley:

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@mari and @TheMadman_tobyjenner what a great collaboration! I loved it! Great tone from Mari’s guitar - played flawlessly, and great vocals from Toby - this is a winning combination. Thanks for sharing this.


That is fantastic, love the tone of your guitar Mari, lovely to see your hand is back to full health which this recording is prime example of! Love it!

Toby with each of your vox performance you are getting better and better. I can feel my vocal chords getting dry after all those highs, keep those notes high man and rock n roll! :love_you_gesture:


Thanks @Tom_B , glad you liked it

Thanks Adrian. My hand is back to the way it was before CTS but unfortunately it didn’t fix the problem. Oh well I can still play, so as long as I can play what I want to play I’m good :smiley:


Darn that is a shame, is your CTS caused by a lot of computer work? If so I can strongly recommend a vertical computer mouse, it’s brilliant and it limits tension on your wrist ligaments when holding a mouse. Guy I used to work with told me that if you hold a mouse like you are about to do a handshake it’s a lot more natural to our body and causes less tension. I have something like this and it’s brilliant, also got it for free as lady who had it in the office left it behind :grin:

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Thanks for the thought, Adrian, it’s just other medical issues :woman_shrugging:

@mari @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Mari/Toby, that was WOW. Some mighty fine playing and singing. Sounded fabulous. Both performances showcasing your abilities.

Interesting listening to this, I started listening embedded in the post. SC streams it at max volume. I find things sound better if I drop the SC volume down to about 60-70% on the slider and if too soft, turn it up on my AI headphone volume control.

It sounded better balanced to my ears once I switched to SC and pulled the volume down. Though I still felt perhaps the vocal would benefit from being a few dB up in volume in this mix.

Usual caveat on that last comment “Mix decisions are highly subjective and also influence by playback”

And it was not significant enough to cause me not to thoroughly enjoy the production.

Now I shall be a little cheeky …

I think a suitable song with Mari on acoustic and Krista and Toby doing the vocals would be to die
for :wink:



I love to hear what our community members can cook when they get together and this is no exception. What a great collab Mari and Toby two talented people. Well done, respect to you.



Well as its the middle of the night in Ontario, I thought I’d better jump in and say a huge thank you for all the comments, so far.

Most of all I have to thank @mari for even suggesting this collaboration in the first place. I know it was a throw away comment, in the midst of the last Open Mic but sometime you have to be careful what you ask for :wink:

The opportunity to sing one of my favourite 'Crowes songs was too much, if not a little daunting, especially remembering how I’d crash and burn singing along to the album ala Car-aoke :oncoming_automobile: :microphone: :bomb: And to think we only started working on this last Sunday, wow what a turnaround !

Mari did a fantastic job on the Martin, playing the original (E) in Open D, then Krista worked some magic in Reaper with Waves CLA Unplugged. So it was just a case of stitching it altogether once the vox was sorted. First take was actually in B after I transposed down for my voice but the guitar did not sound right but in the end I managed to get up to singing in D. Added CLA Vocals and Omni Channel at my end, then fused it all together. And we were all happy with the result ! :sunglasses:

@DavidP I’ll check the embedded SC link later, as not listened yet. This came out of Reaper around -6db on the master and was the first “finishing” job I’ve done via speakers and not cans, so I am surprised SC is pumping the volume. As to the gtr/vox balance, well with such great playing I would have given Mari prominence anyway but at this end (spkrs and cans) all sounded balanced. Hey but I know your preference. :wink:


Nice collab and nicely done. Nice play and vox, for sure. A couple things here.

@mari - I had no idea you hang around the Whitefish area, and or the river. I spent a lot of time in Montana when growing up. Fishing trout was our main objective back then.

The guitar sounds like it might be direct in? Is it?

Nice mix, tone on guitar… and all around goodness.

I guess the only thing I might change up is to put the drone footage on top of the production and have the cover under it… no big, but maybe next time?

CTS - I’ve had issues with this over the years. Wrist splints helped me a bunch. But not by just wearing them. I used them to train keeping my wrist(s) straight. If you drive, take note of how you hold the wheel. Many and I included bend at the wrist to steer. Same for relaxing and other chores or positions. I also wore a tight fitting watch band. Even today with the situation much under control I can quickly be in bad shape again by tightening up the band. So I keep it loose and all is well.

Rock on,


@mari @TheMadman_tobyjenner What a New Year’s Eve treat you have just served up.
Mari, I’m delighted to hear you back on the acoustic and playing with finesse. Toby, that’s some vocalising indeed.
:sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Hey @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @mari what a great collaboration, loved it! Great to wake up to this murky New Year’s Eve morning!

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