Silvia's Learning Log

Update Time :grin:


…this is a veeeery nice addition to my Repertoire! Not perfect, but perfection is not achievable so I allow myself to be happy for what it is. Learning this piece has been really interesting to me:

  • first I was struck because at the end of the first week of practice I could visualise the whole music sheet already, structure and correct fingerings included :astonished::smiling_face: …how to progress and learn to play it properly?
  • second step I noticed in the video demo how very efficiently and accurately the Teacher’s fingers were moving…not like mine :grimacing: …my fretting hand especially made mistakes, while the fingerpicking hand rarely did; working on my C Major Scale was then what had to be done and the number of mistakes decreased…how to progress and play it without mistakes now?
  • third step…yes my best friend the Metronome was the answer…and with the metronome I felt my fingers guided and anything fell into place…well, almost anything…
  • fourth step: my internal time-feeling…and about this I could digress and annoy you to death…I’ll just apologize for my "I just woke up/after breakfast face after a good rest…ooops it was 11pm! That should be a good hint to know what I mean.

Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
the piece of my heart! While re-listening I detected quite a few unwanted sounds there…because I was looking for them, but when I just listen I connect to the music and I find it just beautiful! I feel sorry this doesn’t sound humble, I know I still have a lot of work to do on my technique, but it’s my creature, I just love it :woman_shrugging::ok_woman:

Nothing new to report, I’ve been practicing and enjoyed it even if more often than not it meant only a 15 minutes before cooking dinner. I’m making my practice more songs oriented, this is good.

I made a short recording of how my Fingers Muted Hit practice is going: I’ve come to a point where I just do it without thinking how to do it anymore and I wonder…does it look and sound correct or at least acceptable? Thanks in advance if someone will check it. I might post it on the AVOYP section for feedback.

…and that’s all! :lying_face::grin::joy::sweat_smile:


Lovely Silvia, sounds great to me.

If it’s any help I try to ‘aim for’ the thinnest few strings for the percussive hits. Stops the fingers getting stuck among the strings. No theory or explanation behind it, just what I found works for me.

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Thanks for listening Dave!

This makes sense but now I wouldn’t be able to say how I do it, I think I hit also the bass strings and sometimes struggle to pick the individual notes. I have to try and see. Thanks again, I very much appreciate it!

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Hi Silvia ,
Nice update and a lot in one :smiley:
this what you write above is very important and a good qualityto see (literally if you can) what to play without a guitar in your hand … the great Steve Vai often explains that he can play everything in bed what he is learning…

Ha ha… absolutely don’t apologize for this… modesty/humble can sometimes be a bad trait…( :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:good :sunglasses:)

The second is more or less what Dave already indicates…listen to Justin a lot and practice…will not take you too long and hopefully you will get some more time to play the guitar…have fun

Greetings :hatching_chick: :hatched_chick: :swan:

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Hi Rogier, it is very kind of you to check my Log and always share your view and advice :blush:

I do that quite regularly before sleeping…only when I play the pieces in my head without the guitar they sound so much better :rofl:
I also do this when someone monopolises the conversation in a annoying way…I nod, sometimes I go like “Of course!” but instead of listening I’m playing in my head :shushing_face::innocent::notes::grin::sweat_smile:

I hope you and yours had a serene Easter :egg::chocolate_bar::rabbit::egg::chocolate_bar::rabbit:


Familiar name of Ferdinando Carulli popped up :slight_smile: . He’s compositions are now recognisable for me after spending so much time on classical challenge. It sounded lovely, I think I picked up only one accidental strike, this is something I struggle a lot myself.

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Hi Silvia, that sounded lovely indeed, as always, making super progress. With regards to emanating the snare on the guitar (not sure how Justin teaches it) I tap the 4, 5 or 6 string (depending on the root note of the chord being played) with my thumb (pointing along the fretboard), the other fingers just come down to either mute the strings (whilst being in position for the next picked note) or strum at same time. Though, I’m sure that there a lots of different techniques/variations for percussive playing and probably comes down to what works for the individual.

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Thanks Radek! Next one will be a Carcassi Allegretto…if I manage with those fast 16th notes…which it’s not to be given for granted :sweat_smile: Accidental strikes and all kinds of strange unwanted noises. (maybe not so much in this recording)… Sometimes I wonder will I ever be able to play accurately? :see_no_evil:

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Thanks James! About the muted hit I have to rewatch Justin’s lesson and do a recap. It’s interesting to read how you do it.

I agree, I think I’ll just follow my ear and chose what I like best. A lot of experimentation and fun to come :grin:

Good luck on the new piece! Playing clean is a challenge, especially on the slower pieces where every note matters. I was asking myself the same question, the only thing that there is to do is to keep practising, at least this is what I concluded with. Will see how this goes after another few thousands hours :slight_smile: .

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Excited as ever - Yesterday I was entering one of the kindergartens of our “scholastic district” and the children saw me from up the garden with my ukuleles…and they cried “Ah! The Music Teacher has arrived!” I had a quick look around and since I could see no Music Teacher in the surrondings I thought “My dear Silvia, suppose you’re in trouble!” :joy:
Hopefully I’ll find some time in the weekend to tell you all the details of this, in the meanwhile 3 more kindergartens to visit during the week, fingers crossed everything will be fine as the first one! :crossed_fingers:
And my expanded Ukes’ collection…eh it’s for work :woman_shrugging::innocent::joy:


Playing catch up at the moment and throughly enjoyed reading through your past few updates, Silvia. You continue to make outstanding progress and so lovely watching your fabulous recordings, as always :smiley: I find your graceful playing to be very soothing and a joy to watch :smiling_face:
I thought your muted hits were sounding really good and great to hear that your able to do them automatically :sunglasses:

Very cool! Although seems like some pseudo-GAS being camouflaged as a work-related endeavour - am I right?! :thinking: :female_detective: :wink: :rofl:

Looking forward to the next update already! Take care :slight_smile:

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The first step is to admit that you have it :roll_eyes:… luckily you’re not that far yet :laughing:
Have fun with the other kids in the gartens :sunglasses:

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Thank you Jeff and Rogier for your messages :hugs::blush::hugs:

Jeff I don’t know if my progress is outstanding, it’s very slow but I’m very happy with it being slow, it’s very rewarding to aknowledge at each step that I can do things that seemed soo difficult at the beginning! Thanks for listening to my videos and have kind words to describe my playing :grin::grin::grin:

Nooo…otherwise I would have bought a Uke like the cool one Rogier has and not two cheap ones, they costed about 35€ each.

Now Rogier if just would do a little recording with your uke I would know how it sounds like too…pleaaasee…just a short simple thing you can sing along too :grimacing: I’m patient, I can wait!


Oke oke ,you have a point :blush: off the hook for the moment but I’ll keep an eye on you lady :joy:

:see_no_evil: I’m a little ashamed because I only practiced it very fanatically for the first 2 days and haven’t played it since… I do know that I made a recording then and proudly showed my girl how fast I could play some, but this was not amplified and obviously not post worthy. Over the rainbow or what a wonderfull word, I have no idea which one anymore…by the way how cliché :grin:)…

Maybe I’ll post that first one again, and it’s starting to tickle that Uke again… but playing (guitars) hasn’t been that easy in recent weeks because I’ve been playing with both my left and my right hand a few times. I was stuck hard between the metal hoop and door frames, with even blood and bruises… :see_no_evil:

:sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Thanks for turning on the ukulele flame :smiley:

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Sorry to read this Rogier, I hope not too bad consequences!

The uke is just so much fun! It’s way easier than guitar and I remember that when I started strumming the uke I didn’t want to strum my acoustic guitar anymore for a while!



From one of the two today’s “lessons” with the children :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: