Socio - October 2023 - Why does it always rain on me on a perfect day along the watchtower? Updated 25 Oct

To mark my two year guitar anniversary I figured it would be worthwhile recording some tracks this month as a record of where I am in my learning adventure and to compare with recordings down the line to see the progress being made. As always feedback, tips and advice welcome.

Recordings for October 2023

Number Title Post Link
1 Why Does It Always Rain On Me here
2 Perfect Day here
3 All Along The Watchtower here

This one has been on the must learn list ever since I picked up the guitar and started learning with Justin Guitar. Through the beginners course I built up the necessary foundations and finally was able to start learning the song. It is one that I will keep in the repertoire.

Why Does It Always Rain On Me - frame


This one I found great for practicing linking chords using scales and reminds me of the movie Trainspotting.

Perfect Day - frame


Nicely done James - You looked very relaxed with that.

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Congrats on 2 years of rocking James!

That pinky work in Perfect Day seemed pretty intense, well done!
Inspired me to put it on my dreamer (or maybe an easier version on the developer) list.

Enjoyed both recordings very much!

Rock on :v:

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Enjoyed both performances James. Just go to show what can be accomplished in a relatively short period of time when you set your mind to it. Happy 2nd anniversary :beers:

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James @Socio
Well done I enjoyed both songs, I can see you have spent the last two years very productively.
Michael :wave::wave:

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Congrats James :clap: :clap: :clap:. Thought you sounded great in both songs and really enjoyed listening. Love Travis Why does it…, good one for Bm work out. Especially liked the picked note linking sections in Perfect Day thought it lifted the playing to another level. Well done, fabulous achievement for 2 years.

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Congrats on your 2nd guitarversary, James! :smiley: :partying_face:

Those 2 were both very enjoyable performances and show, how far you’ve come in those 2 years. :clap:

To me, the switch between strumming and picking in Perfect Day stood out, well done! Also enjoyed the Travis-Cover, played this one a lot during my teenage years. I had to play it a little slower, because it’s quite wordy at some parts and it’s hard to put in all the syllables in the short time here and there, at least for me. :sweat_smile:

Playing wise, nothing to add. Both souned good to my ears, steady solid rhythm, good work on the chords and moving around the neck comfortably in Perfect Day! There’s a lot in both recordings and shows what you achieved in the past years with dedicated practice. Great stuff and surely an inspiration for all to see how all the efforts pay off nicely. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing - already looking forward to the next one. Rock on, James! :metal:

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Both were great James!
I liked the Lou Reed version best, that were some nice playing in there with all those embellishments.
Very good James, that is pretty impressive for just 2 years of playing…

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Bravo James! Very well done my friend, and congratulations on your 2nd anniversary. These 2 performances certainly show how far you’ve come.

The first “Why Does It Always Rain On Me”, I’d never heard before. But you had me singing along by the second chorus. Says alot. Great groove.

Well the second one " Perfect Day". What a blast from the past. The great Lou Reed. This particular song, and artist, brings back many, many memories for me from another life - some good, some not so good. Very melencholy tune, and would not be that easy to play on the guitar. You did very well I reckon - perhaps play it a bit slower to bring that dreamy, lost feeling through. Anyway, thanks for the memories - might go listen to the Transformer album, and maybe have a crack at this tune. Or maybe Hangin 'Round - a crackin, in your face classic.

Again, congratulations on your anniversary mate, your obvious development on guitar, and your valued contribution to this community.

Cheers, Shane


Congrats on 2 years James! Well done mate, you’ve learned so much, it’s been a pleasure to watch your playing improve.

Two great songs, played well. Hadn’t heard either of them in years! Of the two I liked the Travis one better. That’s probably because I listened to it so much back as a teen. You’ve got to be happy with how you’re playing, how relaxed you are and how you’re moving around the guitar with ease.

Here’s to another year :smiley:. Well done mate!

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Hi James,
:partying_face::sunglasses: :sunglasses: :clap: :clap:
I liked both very much … the 2nd guitar was much more interesting technically, but in both I found the sound between vocals and guitar very nicely adjusted. :man_bowing:

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James, they were both excellent and a great way to celebrate/show off you two year anniversary. Congratulations on two years.

Both played and sung nicely. Well done.

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Good stuff James and happy guitaraversary. Wow two years have passed quickly! I’ve said this before but I well remember your first “headless” videos. Two great performances here showing how far you’ve come in that time.
I notice you’ve given yourself space for five October songs. A week left so no pressure!:smiley:

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Happy anniversary, James
You one of the consistently positive, interesting and witty contributors here.
Cheers :grinning:

  1. Love me a bit of Travis :grinning:
    Well played and sung. Enjoyed the tapping bridge
    Quibble corner: more vol-en-vox please and you’re in danger of drifting into @TheMadman_tobyjenner reverb territory :wink:
  1. One of my favourite songs
    I’m glad you ‘tranformed’ (sigh :roll_eyes:) it into your own.
    Nice demonstration of your guitar chops.
    I’m not sure all the vocal/harmony changes worked for my lugs and possibly some timing issues, esp towards the end

Carry on… :sunglasses:

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And ?? :rofl:

Well done James. Two great songs to celebrate 2 years in. Must admit to needing to be in the eight mood for Travis but I always enjoyed this one. And who don’t like a bit of LR !

Congrats !


@mathsjunky @Siff @stitch @MAT1953 @Alan_1970 @Lisa_S @tRONd

Thanks for the listen, feedback, support and advice you have given me over the last two years. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed both performances.

I’m pleased to hear I looked relaxed as I certainly wasn’t on the inside as still suffer from RLS.

I’m pleased to hear that I have given some repertoire inspiration as normally it’s the other way around.

Absolutely, and it’s still the chord that likes to trip me up.

Interesting story about the Travis when I was at college we had a lecturer who thought he was a bit of a business man and had various business interests. He told us one day that he used to manage one of the local bands who after a year or so sacked him, then got a record contract and changed their name to Travis. Not sure how much truth is in the story but its a story I still remember to this day.


@sclay @jkahn @roger_holland @SgtColon @sairfingers @brianlarsen @TheMadman_tobyjenner

Thanks for the listen, feedback, support and advice you have given me over the last two years. I’m pleased to hear that you enjoyed both performances.

That is the ultimate goal :smiley:

Spot on I felt that I was rushing it a bit when playing.

Likewise. It’s been good to connect with other starting out at the same time and follow/support/encourage each other along the way whilst learning from our peers and sharing the knowledge with those following in our footsteps.

Yes, I’m happy with the progress that I have made over the two years in terms of my playing and starting to relax more in front of the camera when recording. I think a lot of that comes from Justin’s lessons and the support/advice from the community.

That change to me along with posting my recordings public was probably one of the highlights of the year as I feel it sort of freed me in a way.

Haha who said they had to be songs. I was thinking of maybe a 16 bar minor blues piece etc.

Glad you think so Brian :wink:

Interesting that you should pick that up. When I started learning Perfect Day and watched various performances by Lou Reed it suddenly dawned on me when trying to learn the vocals that I could not sing it like him. I hope your lugs have recovered.

Exactly :roll_eyes:


Wow James. Great videos both. You have come a long way in 2 years. Very very impressive!

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