Song lessons

Are song lessons included with the purchase of the app?

Welcome to the community, Tim. Song lessons are free and can be found here

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Hi Tim & Welcome!!!

Justin’s song lessons are a separate thing. They’re free and available through or on YouTube.

The app has a “guitar karaoke” function along with the basic Grades 1-3 and some strumming lessons also. I use the app alongside using the website & enjoy them both.


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I am so disappointed. I was a member last year and I took a break. When I signed up again last week I did not know, nor was I told that songs on the app are no longer free. Had I known that, I would not have signed up again as I find the songs a great learning tool.

there was a topic about that
you have to pass via this link to get the old subscription with the songs :

I think there may be some misunderstanding here.

The App contains hundreds and hundreds of songs.

Play along guitareoke style.

The website hosts hundreds and hundreds of free song lessons that are independent of the App and which Justin has amassed over twenty years.

Song lessons

The songs and lessons App

they changed the pricing on the app … you have to be a vip member to have accesss to the songs , I think thats the problem here

I’m really confused… I thought the songs in the app have always involved payment, certainly I’ve been paying for the past 18 months for them - maybe we’re at cross-purposes here?

they changed , there are 2 subscriptions now , only the VIP one gets access the all the songs library

but when I asked , they told me that if you go and pay here :
you’ll get the old subscription as we’ve known it

I tried and it worked :slight_smile:

Maybe it should be pinned or be advertised so that people will know it and dont get confused

Maybe worth briefing the team on this as I’m sure there will be more questions raised