Stellar member award - to honour the contribution of roger_holland

The JustinGuitar Team is proud to honor the contribution of Rogier, username roger_holland, to our Community. Rogier’s musical story is like so many members - with a twist. In his youth, Rogier played with the usual doubts. A hiatus followed, and then a life-changing illness. He overcame health challenges, discovered JustinGuitar, and has been rocking this joint since rolling into the Community.

His passion for music drives his learning and participation in the Community. We are all the better for the music and life stories he shares, the encouragement and support he offers, all with a delightful wit and charm. His perseverance, patience, and positivity are inspirational. Rogier truly is a stellar member of the Community: keep shining your light, sharing your music, insights, and life with us.


@roger_holland - Congratulations on the member award. Well done!!!


Congrats @roger_holland, keep rocking!


Copying this from my post on Fanny’s update.

In your words Rogier, deep bows.


Congratulation Rogier !! Well desrvered.

You have kept us entertained with your music and forum contributions since you joined us and I thank you for sharing your experiences.




I’m delighted for you Rogier, a richly deserved recognition for all you bring to the community.
:+1: :sunglasses:

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I wasn’t so clear today, yesterday celebrated my girl’s birthday together (but today is her birthday) …and I just went to the site and am overwhelmed by this enormous honor and attention…that is quite difficult to comprehend…now let’s also place a copy of my story in the “wrong” place :upside_down_face:

Well Well dear people of the Justin team and certainly also (even more,you are the heart of this company) fellow community members here :blush: :blush: :blush:… This is a very great honor and I don’t really know how to deal with this, luckily most of you are already won the prize once, because there are those who deserve much more with your endless patience and time and endless help and explain to the new and somewhat older (not so New) members … with the red on the cheeks I’m going to sink this in for a moment…and Oooo how exciting to talk to someone …that you’ve seen in more than 1500 films,…I dare say I know quite a bit, admire them quite a bit for how he shapes his life, and he only just found out about your existence… crazy…
Greetings ,Rogier

And I see @DavidP moved my first post (I was just about to delete it)…can you delete the post you moved?..Edit:I’m going to try that myself



Good on ya Roger! Very well deserved mate. A fine player and a gentleman, always willing to pass on your knowledge and experience. Also a dry and wicked wit that is appreciated by many.

One favour though. Can you bring back a few insider tips from Justin. I for one always need a few :nerd_face:

Rock on mate. :love_you_gesture:


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Hey Rogier,

Congratulations!! Very well deserved. I’ll echo Toby’s words “you have kept us entertained with your music and forum contributions” and add to that a phrase I learned on here from you “bis bis bis (we want more)”.

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Try the usual…


Well done Rogier, it’s well deserved, your sense of humour is amazing!


Shane, we’ve had a convention in the past where somebody having a lesson with Justin posted up about the experience. And the sub-category exists in the Community Hub: The 1-to-1 Sessions - online lessons with Justin - JustinGuitar Community

@roger_holland take note Rogier :grin: As the saying goes ‘No such thing as a free lunch’. The price of this ‘lunch’ is to share some reflections with us afterwards. Of course that is not obligatory or compulsory, just something other members have always enjoyed and benefited from.


He did this a while back, David. Here’s the link :smiley:

Congratulation @roger_holland and well deserved sir.

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Richard, thanks to @brianlarsen and a DM from @Socio I have been corrected in my (now deleted) observation that historical feedback’s had not been migrated.

That said, what threw me off was not seeing a Topic for each member’s feedback. I expected that pattern, much like we have for the Introduce Yourself sub-category which was a single Topic on the Forum that each now joiner replied to. I’d like to edit the existing topic and create a topic per member; OK?

This side chat is now a digression from the celebration of Rogier’s award (apologies @roger_holland) and I will tidy up once you have responded.

As wrote before migration of the post Rogier congrats on the award, I am sure you will take lots from your 1 hour session and as for Community goes - just keep doing what you are doing! :wink:

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Congratulations for the award :clap:

Your story is a proof that music has a healing power.

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Congratulations, Rogier (@roger_holland)! Wonderful! :heart:

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I went through this a while ago, and I especially remember the story of @brianlarsen with willy wonka & Lieven and Richard ( the Oempa Loempa’s :joy: :blush: )…
I’m still super busy here today and a bit tomorrow, but then I’ll dive right in it again…Tips are welcome ,so thanks David, and don’t worry about keeping it on topic, I don’t upset easily… …at least until now because I do feel some tension :grimacing: :see_no_evil:

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