Strange Love (Kubrick/Eldritch/Larsen) - original lyrical content

What’s wrong with me?
I should be sorting out Christmas preparations (over 20 for dinner and 9 extra people staying for a week)
I should be test-driving this all-new whistles and bells ‘Community’ (which I feel kinda guilty about)
I should definitely be preparing for the open mic which is barreling down the highway and only a couple of days away.
So what do I spend my ‘time off’ doing?
Making videos :roll_eyes:

I covered the Sisters of Mercy’s Vision Thing the other week and the video I ‘borrowed’ contained a couple of nuclear explosions. These jogged my grey cells and reminded me of one of my all-time favourite movies:
Dr. Strangelove or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb by Stanley Kubrick, made in the year I was born. It’s a black comedy, starring Peter Sellers in 3 of the main roles, and George C Scott, who stole the show.

I deleted the vocals from my Vision Thing cover, replacing the verses with voices from the film and chose visual clips that I felt suited the music/narrative. I wrote and recorded new lyrics for the pre-chorus and chorus.
All that video editing took a lot more time than I had anticipated and would probably not have been worth it if it hadn’t been a lot of fun as well.
Anyway, I’m happy enough with the result and even happier to draw a line under the project :slightly_smiling_face:
Now where the Dickens did I put that guitar last week?
(Btw, what’s the etiquette on double-posting between here and the forum? I think @Digger72 might enjoy it)


That was really cool video editing, your groovy dark side riffs were really in line with what I saw in the video and I really liked it. I don’t think anyone will mind if you come over on Saturday a bit underprepared, especially after you had a lot of fun in creating this little treasure :slight_smile:

Imo no issues with posting in both places, only benefits those who do not have a pleasure yet to join our little inner circle :smiling_imp:

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@adi_mrok our Brian can always talk and knowing is talent he could turn it into a tune :laughing:


Always creative, exploring new frontiers, clever, entertaining, thought provoking. Your voice, tone and dB levels are perfect. Love your work Brian :wave: :bat:

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Excellent production, Brian. I haven’t watched that film in decades, worth another look.

I think it is OK to post in both places until such time as this Community is formally launched. I think the posts in AVOYP are done to test and provide some content on launch day,

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I love a good mashup. Well done sir, a lot of production went into this one. Huge effort and entertaining results. Dug it! Current events point to the military industrial complex being alive and well. That’s as political as I’m going to get in our new forum home.

Personally, I’m done with the old forum. You will probably never see me back there.

Clint, I think we’re privileged to be in the vanguard to help with the tyre-kicking and shake-out, but also have a role to play in supporting others in the Forum to move across when this Community is launched. So hope to see you back in the Forum to play a part in that part of this change.

And I get you, as this week has progressed, I too have reached the point of looking forward to the public launch and the process to shift activity from the Forum to the new Community home.

Hope I didn’t misread too literally that and go off on an unnecessary tangent.

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Brilliant Brian. I really must watch that film one more time its been absolutely donkeys !
You take all the time you need, if this is what you are up to, we’ll soldier on at the OM without you if we must. Really we’ll be ok. :wink:

As to double posting. I personally think its important that we keep active in both camps for now. If we all just up sticks and stop posting it sends out the wrong message to the folk there. Especially when you consider what most of the folks here contribute to the forum week on week. I think the void would be significant. But as I say just MHO.


Yeah, I went back. Gotta go where the action is. LOL

Interesting Brian…
You are upping your game in all facets! Nice video work and production!

Keep rock’n,

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Hehe, I guess housekeeping (incl. responding to comments) is now going to happen here and thanks to all who responded on the old forum.
Just wondering: Is it proper etiquette to like every comment that someone takes the time to write after listening to a song? Seems appropriate, but somehow pointless if we always do it…

@adi_mrok I love the Dark but always seem to drift into the Funny :roll_eyes:
@batwoman Thank you. I just happen to know a lot of tunes suitable for stealing :laughing:
@DavidP Always worth another watch, and another… :smiley:
@CT Thanks again. I think we can comfortably say goodbye to the other place now. Loved your Ozy mashup :smiley:
@tobyjenner Haha, defo worth another butcher’s. Seems most of us survived the OM one way or another. Oh yeah, you can put me down as a possible for the next one. Surely the muse will return with the New Year? :wink:
@LBro Thank you, brother! Much appreciated, and welcome to your new home :smiley:

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Should I be flagging you for an inappropriate comment ie not related to this topic ?
Request noted - UTC for Audience UTC - 47 for Performer, one lump or two :wink:

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I’m also wondering about this Brian. “Likes” don’t seem a direct replacement for “Good Vibes”. As for Badges, seem more similar to that label automatically given to you on the old Forum, like “All Time Legend”.

An extremely impressive and creative composition, Brian. Although I’ve gotta say that the Peter Sellers moments are what make the film for me, with an honourable mention to Slim Pickens for his riding the bomb.

Commented on this track on the old forum, but wanted to add that it’s one of my favorite tracks from you, Brian. And the movie footage just puts it over the top!

@Willsie01 Much appreciated. I think I read Kubrick wanted John Wayne for that role. He took one look at the script and dropped it like a hot potato :laughing:

@J.W.C Double thumbs up is appreciated with compound interest. Makes me glad I took the time to go the extra mile. I’m enjoying your Natalie Merchant phase too :smiley:

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Hi Brian,

This works really well.
Very well edited.
The new vocals/lyrics fit perfectly.

All slightly prophetic in light of recent events.


Haha, you got (or were dragged) here eventually :rofl:
Thank you.

Who would’ve thunk we’d be revisiting these scenarios so soon? :roll_eyes: