Super Easy 2 Chord Songs

Here are 7 awesome songs you can play with only the A and the D chords.

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Is there a way i can practice any song of yours , without using the app ?

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Welcome to the new Community Manos.
Most of the song have lessons on the website. But if you want the play along feature you need
the app

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You can always play along to the original song, played on Youtube, Spotify or similar.



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Thanks for the reply :blush:.
Just one more question .
Say i hear the original song from youtube .
How am i supposed to know what the beat is , and when to change chords ???

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only one “real” way to do that: playing music is 80% listening and 20% doing other things.
Use your ears, clap along, see if it fits, sing along, hear if it fits.
Reproducing in any way you can and hearing what you are doing helps you to understand a song


Hi Justin! I would like to play the Joe Cocker song, “Feeling alright” but I don’t understand how to play the A an D chord with a capo on the 3rd fret. TIA

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Welcome to the community Kelly. Put your capo on the third fret and play the A and D chords as if the capo was the nut. The capo makes these chords C and F. Follow the lesson and you will do fine.


My experience as a raw beginner…

There is no such thing as a “super easy song”.

If you are just learning to strum and fret chords for the very first time, it will often be a struggle. And being told that something is “super easy!!!” when you are struggling can be extremely demotivating.

One of the things that drew me to Justin’s program is that he doesn’t sugarcoat the fact that learning guitar can be difficult, and may require a lot of work. It was such a relief when he said in his videos - over and over - “this is hard!”

But if you can find a way to accept the struggle, and push on regardless…so rewarding!

Edit: felt this was important enough to deserve it’s own topic…

I can’t find the songs for this lesson anywhere on the app:

Dante @dantejms
Not sure what you are using but here are some screen shots from my iPad. The search is a bit sensitive for born in the USA it has dots U.S.A.
Your screen shot for dance the night away is not clear is there a character after dance.
Hope this helps


Has the help offered by @MAT1953 sorted it for you?

Thanks @MAT1953 . I’m using the app for macOS. By default I see 147 songs

I sorted the tracks by alphabetical order without search terms but don’t see “Born in the U.S.A” on the list.

UPDATE: I restarted the app and now I see the tracks.

I see that by default the app selects “all songs”

but previously it was selecting “practice tracks…” which I don’t see anymore.

Thank you @MAT1953 @Richard_close2u


Dante @dantejms

Glad you are sorted
Michael :+1:

PS @Richard_close2u


Hello everyone.
Since I don’t have the means to pay for the APP, do you guys recomend that I follow each song tutorial on this lesson until I master each strumming pattern on each song or should I just try to master one strumming pattern per song?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @danielsoares18 and welcome to the community.
The app is an optional extra.
Song lessons give you plenty to learn.
Justin always gives options for early beginners to have a simple approach. You do not need to learn strumming patterns for these 2 chord so fs beyond the very accessible 1-strum or 4-strums per bar. Unless you reay want to.
Hope that helps.

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For those who like to play along to a printed version of the songs with chords, I would recommend getting the book “ The JustinGuitar Easy Guitar Songbook: 101 Awesome Easy Songs You Can Play with Up to 8 Open Chords” on Amazon.’’

I don’t know why Justin doesn’t list this book on the products page since a lot of effort was made to coordinate with the new beginner course and organize the songs by module. The 101 songs are all Grade 1, with modules 1 to 7. I purchased the Kindle version that I use on my iPad Pro in the Kindle app. I would recommend that all beginners try the song app and use the song lesson videos and if you get a book, get this book first.

When you start Grade 2, if you want to play from a printed page, you could then purchase the printed Beginner Songbooks Books 1 and/or 2, which have additional Grade 1 songs (Stage 1 to 3) and Grade 2 songs in Stage 4 to 7 (from the old classic course).
Stage 7 to 9 and bonus songs are mostly Grade 3, but use the chords leaned in Grade 2.

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Hello everyone quick question if anyone can give me a tip or answer my question. When switching from A and D chords, should we be lifting our fingers (anchor finger) off the frets each time we switch chords, or slide them? Thanks!

You should release pressure on the string under your anchor finger, but you should not lift it off the string.

Slide the anchor finger along the string to the new position, get your other fingers lightly in place, and then press them all at once.

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Just FYI, Dance The Night Away (official video) by the Mavericks as it is found on YouTube is E and B7, not D and A. This might be very confusing to new players who head over to YouTube to hear the song and then try to play along and realize that it doesn’t sound right. It’s also shown as E and B7 at

Thanks, love the course!