Take guitar to Europe?

So my wife and I are traveling to Europe for 4 months. I’m a beginner and won’t leave until November. My thoughts are to bring a travel guitar to keep practicing and playing but there will be times when having the guitar will be troublesome. If I leave it back home, will I loose most of the skills I had been working on the last 6 months?


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Travelling with guitars can be quite cumbersome from time to time. Will you be travelling through Europe or stay pretty much in the same area? Is it the flight itself you’re worried about?

If the latter holds true, you could possibly leave your guitar at home and check for a cheap, second hand one at your destination that you either leave behind once going back or take home. This might be easier than taking your guitar with you. Other option as you already thought, would be a designated travel guitar that are more handy than others.

4 months of break after only starting might throw you back, but you won’t lose everything you learned. It might take you a few days/weeks to get back where you were before, though. But most probably you’ll miss a 6-string in that 4 months, won’t you? :grinning:

Good journey, Rich! :slight_smile:

Hi Rich
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Hey Richard, an interesting question. I’ve just travelled for two weeks in a well loaded motorhome with a guitar, loved having it with me despite the inconvenience. Where there’s a will there’s a way. Happy travels😎

Personally, I wouldn’t trust a decent guitar to airline baggage handlers. Maybe get an Enya Go carbon composite travel guitar? It can deal with rough handling better than wood, and it’s cheap so it isn’t such a big loss if something happens to it.

That option looks interesting. I have the much more expensive Journey OF-660. Always travel with my travel guitar, playing tunes every day is so much a part of my life that I just don’t go without a guitar.

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