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What a hidden gem this solo is. Cracking fun to play.

I’m always looking for songs, solos, arrangements etc that can really teach me something specific, as well as being fun, and this solo is a beauty. Put those licks in your back pocket, and you can modify them, interval-wise, phrasing-wise, different chords, keys etc and suddenly you’ve got 100s of licks that sprout from this solo framework.
Reinforced for me too that just following the chord progression with some well chosen melodic tones and phrasing, can produce classics like this. Helps too I suppose if you’ve got the talent of Henley, Frey, etc :nerd_face:
There is an absolute enormous amount of info in this lesson. Looking forward to extracting as much out of it as I can.

Here’s my go at it after a couple of days. Couple of tricky areas to work on still.

Cheers, Shane


That was great Shane. Couple of days, well done.


Did this lesson change? When I looked at it last week there was more guidance with the licks specifying the string and fret to play.


PS I’m talking about the written guidance.