March 2023, #3 added on 19th: Tennessee Whiskey; Blues Improv in D; Take It Easy (solo)

Originally posted this under Justins lesson topic earlier today, with some comments. Thought I’d add it here under March’s AVOYPs. (Admins feel free to amend if deemed necessary).
Have a crack at this solo. Awesome fun to play and lots to great info to extract.

Cheers, Shane

#2 D Major blues improv posted at March 2023, #3 added on 19th: Tennessee Whiskey; Blues Improv in D; Take It Easy (solo) - #15 by sclay
#3 Tennessee Whiskey posted at March 2023, #3 added on 19th: Tennessee Whiskey; Blues Improv in D; Take It Easy (solo) - #35 by sclay


Hi Shane ,
Great :sunglasses: :clap: … they don’t like double posting, under penalty of 3 (air :roll_eyes:) guitars for the mods…but I think it’s nice that you put your solo under the lesson topic, and I understand that you also do it in your own video topic`s want to be able to look at it later or more looks… if you place a link under the video lessons to these in this topic than … solved :smiley:


Great playing.
Very nicely done!

Nice playing there Shane, sounded all good to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure if just me but the audio was a little out of synch with the video, not that it really matters, just to point out.

Very cool and well played, Shane. Great sound you’ve got going.

Sounding real nice Shane. You made it look like it was easy for you. Your lead playing is coming along nicely.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Much appreciated. Couple of tricky areas still to work on.

As I said, lots of great stuff to extract from this solo. Would highly recommend this one for those in the same learning space. Only been at this one for 2-3 days and am already getting a boatload of lick and phrasing ideas from it. A real gem.

And it’s essentially just following the chord progression with triad shapes, with little licks in between. Yet it sounds so great. Why don’t mine sound that good? :nerd_face:
I suppose Henley and Browne’s superior composing talent may have something to do with it :nerd_face:

Now… I’m off to go write me one of these masterpieces so I can retire and just play guitar all day :crazy_face:

Cheers, Shane

Sounded great Shane, fun for you to play and for us to listen to. Very cool :sunglasses:!

Good job Shane :exclamation:Well done :exclamation:

Embarrassingly I don’t know this solo at all but I must say you played it really well, time spent on this lead play journey definitely is paying its dividends well done Shane!

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Sounds great, Shane, you look really relaxed moving around the neck pulling off those licks.

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Sounds great, fun song! What backing track or system are you using. I have been working on intro and chorus for months; its outside my beginner2 level 13 :). Keep Rocking. JIm

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Very nice!

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Hey Jim,

Thanks for the feedback.
The BT is just a solo BT off Youtube, imported into my DAW, then routed, along with the guitar/ amp output, into OBS ( video program) for filming.
Its an existing template I’ve set up, and use it for all my recording.
Soundwise, I use S-Gear amp sim suite , by Scuffham Amps. Awesome bit of software, and inexpensive.

Cheers, Shane

Blues improv in D. Slower tempo this time. Seems like I’ve been playing upbeat stuff for a while, trying get that accuracy at speed. This ones more about holding the notes more. Trying to approach this one more with the mindset related by Justin in his Take It Easy solo lesson above. ie just follow the chords, and play some licks, rather than just the scales, triad shapes, framework etc. It all seem to come out anyway, so that tells me it must starting to sink into the subconscious, which is encouraging.

Cheers, Shane


Shane, you’ve reached ‘cat’ status for sure :sunglasses:

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Hi Shane,
You are good busy on/ at the (cross)roads :sunglasses: :clap:
Keep on going :smiley:

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Ha Roger! Am learning Crossroads at the moment :nerd_face:.

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Awesome feel Shane! Is that one of Quist’s backing tracks?

Thanks Phil.
Yeah mate, its a Quist track. Got it in one

Cheers, Shane.