Taking back my new telecaster and gonna get a MiM one!

So ive thought hard on this and im just gonna invest in a MiM telecaster. I mean i like the one i got but a MiM is just made better lol. With better pickups and everything so wish me luck!

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Have you considered a G&L ASAT Tribute Classic or Special model?
If your store has them I would highly recommend them.

How much do those run for? The one I’m getting is a limited edition I know but it’s 680 us dollars

It’s a fender player plus tele

I just checked GuitarCenter and Sweetwater for examples.
About 580 dollars


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Sweet thanks close ill check it out!

Yeah! I have one of those (after @Richard_close2u recommendation) and she is one sweet lady.

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Hmm you have any videos on it?

I sure do Byron.

Im really thinking about just changing pickups in it! Cus i mean it looks great and plays well. Id save some money lol. Thought about going with fender pure vintage pickups.

I bought a cheap tele (monoprice.com) a few years back, replaced the pickups, added a four-way switch, and never looked back. The fourth selector gives you humbucker tone (doesn’t cancel 60 cycle hum though). There isn’t any type of music you can’t play with this type of rig.

I used the “Telecaster of Disaster” on all of the guitar parts:


What was the one you took back ?
I am considering a Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster in Butterscotch Blonde…

Going to try in store.

A tagima it’s a good guitar but I just wanted a better one I’m getting a mim fender limited edition! Should get it tomorrow

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That’s a good guitar and the most I would be willing to pay for a tele. The knockoffs are so good right out of the box, affordable and easy to upgrade to an above and beyond instrument (once you fall in love with the playability of a tele).

Teles are my dream guitar I love them so much especially since The Rolling Stones is one of my fav bands

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That’s like me and Les Paul’s, enjoy your MiM Tele when it arrives. Hope to see some pics when it does.

Ohhh yeah!! Just waiting to get off work lol. I’ll prolly make a video on it

I see Fazley £65 ones currently on Amazon…? Less if you buy as a kit…

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So, how is it ?

I’ve got a video on it already!! It’s very very nice best electric I’ve owned

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