Targeted reply problem

I’m still having issues with making a targeted reply. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The little icon of the person I want to reply to comes up in the top of the reply box but when I then press reply it appears to be hit or miss as to whether it goes out targeted or goes out non targeted.

Sorry to hear that Gordon. Intermittent or non-deterministic issues are always the most tricky to diagnose. Perhaps there is some underlying pattern that influences the outcome but so subtle you’ve not noticed.

I’ll keep my eyes open and look for opportunities to use the Reply button on a Post rather than Reply button at the end of the Topic and see if I notice anything. But I am accessing the Community from a PC via a web-browser, rather than a phone which may also have some influence on my experience.

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I’ll have a look as well because I’m either using my iPad or my iPhone.
This one was supposed to be targeted!
Looks like it’s not, in that case the only way for me to target is quoting then.
I’ll try it on my iPhone next.

Tried to target you David from iPhone this time.
Seems to work, maybe it’s just to the OP?

This time Gordon from my iPhone.
Doesn’t seem to work!

Reply to Gordon’s OP from android phone.

Reply to topic from android phone.

Reply to Richard from my phone, should work.

Using quote, see if this works!

Reply to Darrell using iPhone
Edit : Didn’t work

Don’t have a problem with quotes. Only targeted replies.

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Reply to Richard using iPhone.
Edit : this time it worked.

Reply to David using iPhone.
Edit : this time it worked.

I think we need another person who isn’t a moderator, their status might override the system.

Reply to Darrell using iPhone.
Edit : didn’t work.

Reply to Gordon on iPhone - maybe if a mod could create an extension of this and then combine them - or delete the complete topic when it gets solved.
My thinking is that if they are at the top it rules out or proves my theory about the override if it’s a mod.

A reply to the original post from Android phone using reply icon on that first post.

Reply to Darrell done the same way

Now a reply to Richard

And lastly a reply to one of Gordon’s