Tequila Sunrise - The Eagles

It’s Wednesday again so I thought I’d have a go at recording Tequila Sunrise by The Eagles.

I’ve been working on it trying to get the iconic strumming pattern and the hammer-on working. I found it hard to keep it going throughout the song.

I created a backing using my Trio+ and it’s not a one take as I had to redo it a couple of times trying to get the vocal/guitar/backing balance right. Not easy with just a phone.
I anticipate @DavidP saying the vocal should be louder in the mix. :smiley:


Damn cool :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Great song and great playing, your rhythm was on point!

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Hi Gordon,
No way…I’m just taking a break from a song I’m learning just…THIS ,song :grinning: (of course without vocals for me so that saves the most effort and no need to share :blush:)

And I can really say super well done :clap: :bouquet: :sunglasses:, immediately very recognizable the strum pattern and fantastic singing…definitely one of the best and you would make everyone very happy with this at a BBQ or openmic :sunglasses:


If your goal was to get someone to listen more than once where it was so hard (and maybe missing somewhat strums) then you succeeded :smile:, it all looked good.Really great job with that rhythm guitar…

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I so much love this song, Gordon, and you’ve done a wonderful job on it. It’s got one of the best lines in music, IMO - ‘oh and it’s a hollow feeling, when it comes down to dealing friends’. Very very impressive to get the vocals so nicely over that as you say iconic strumming pattern. And I don’t think he’s posted yet but I’m with David - raise the vocals on this one!

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Mesmerising strumming, Gordon, sounded fabulous.

Now it will be truly awesome when you add the vocal :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sorry, couldn’t resist … I wouldn’t want to disappoint you :innocent:

I am as considerate as I can be when reflecting on guitar, Trio, vocal balance when recording with a phone. I know how constrained you are. Maybe one day a tripod for the phone to change it’s position might help?

And I thought your singing sounded excellent. I don’t think these classic Eagles tunes are easy to sing, given the array of vocal talent they had in the band. You were right on it, sounding good.


Hi Gordon, I’m loving the one take Wednesdays. I thought you played and sung that very well. It’s definately one to keep in your repertiore locker. Very well done my friend.

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Nicely done Gordon. Love the dynamics in your strumming and the little hammer on’s which you made look effortless. Really good vocals too on what is a difficult song to sing. :+1::+1::+1:

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Really enjoyed that Gordon. Rhythm was wonderful along with all the nuances. Yeah the vox could be a little higher in the mix but considering you capture these just on the phone, no complaints from me. Good to see you keeping OTW alive, even if this needed the odd restart !


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That was excellent! Thank you!

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@DarkWillowTM @alexisduprey
Thanks for the listen and support guys always much appreciated.

Sorry if I’ve stolen a song you were going to do Rogier. :smile: if you’re currently playing it how are you getting on with it? Are you doing the rhythm or the lead parts? Thanks for the kind comments.

Thanks Mari, I’m glad I’ve been able to do one of your favourite Eagles songs. Hope it’s not now ruined forever. :joy: It’s funny how we all have favourite lyric lines from songs. In fact that would make a good Topic on the forum. Then again maybe not, it’s busy enough!
Yes it took quite a bit of of work to get the vocals going over the strum pattern. I practised along with the original quite a bit and that helped. That was one of the reasons I ended up making a Trio+ backing track. Just me and my guitar sounded so pathetic after playing along with the real deal!

Thanks David. I knew I could rely on you for a vocal level comment. :smiley: We and others have talked many times and there are posts all over the forum about levels when using a phone to record. Unless I change my system this is about the best I can do when using the Trio+. It’s the Trio backing that makes things difficult. The phone doesn’t pick it up unless it’s really loud and then it drowns out the vocal. It may not sound like it in the video but I was singing at a volume that was almost uncomfortable.
With I play with just the vocal and guitar I’ve got the levels pretty ok I think.

You’re right about the harmonised vocal talents (not to mention multiple guitars) of the Eagles. I should take a leaf from @brianlarsen and find some songs no one knows!:joy:
Thanks for your support.


No No No…Not what I was going to do… :joy:
You just made me listen to the original to the lead guitar because I hadn’t heard the song properly in my head :roll_eyes:… and often I start a tutorial blank/without listening to the original often or even once when Justin playing it :grimacing:
So I went for the strumming, I think that’s the best part even now that I’ve heard the other one
I practiced Sultans of swing for a while, so this went well for me, but also only and only and only because I don’t have to sing (yet? I wish I sang half as you) and if the bridge comes in then it will have to be practiced here for longer than a day…

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A most excellent performance, Gordon!
I thought the vocals were plenty sufficient for the recording. You sounded very good. The beauty of the somewhat diminished volume of the vocals actually makes it easier for me to listen to the guitar work. Afterall, isn’t that the point of AVOYP? And on that front, I agree, the guitar work was very, very good.
Thank-you for posting this.

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Muchas gracias for the tag, Gordon. I appreciate the personalised service and would hate to miss another one :wink: (Although I’m afraid you are barking up the wrong tree, as I have just released three well-known songs in the past week :rofl:)
Ignore the nay-sayers when it comes to vox levels, my friend. It’s a learning website and you are flyin’! I don’t think you’ll get much better balance than what you have with a phone as the acoustic guitar is quite loud. That’s why you have to turn up the Trio levels and try to raise your voice to match. (On the electric, i can just reduce all the instruments to match whatever volume I want to sing at.)
Another Stirling effort from north of the border. I expect you’ll be hearing from the lawyers any day now :laughing:

Your strumming sounded good to me but reveals a gaping hole in my strumming knowledge. I had just taken Justin’s initial instruction of keeping the strumming arm moving in the same rhythm hitting and omitting strings as gospel. This one here requires ‘pauses’ :thinking:
Back to the drawing board (and perhaps an investment in a strumming course…

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Loved it Gordon. You always look so comfortable playing and singing. Good Job :beers:

That’s all part of a live performance and what makes Live so much better than Memorex.

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:rofl: the youngsters will be reaching for Google on that one !!


Gordon @sairfingers

I really liked that, I am an Eagle fan, great songs for acoustic guitar.

I see you are getting advice on balancing guitar with vocals. I know how difficult it is to do that with just a phone or iPad, and I am following your suggestions from the other day on this aspect.


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Yep ,had to be sought …Thanks Toby :joy:

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Nicely played and sung Gordon, I enjoyed that one it’s on my favourites list!

Or BASF, I used BASF Chrome for a lot of my stuff, think I might have a couple in our loft but nothing to play them on anymore :joy:


I’ve actually thought several times about starting such a topic!

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