The Big Six Essential Notes

Learn these six notes, and you’re well on your way to understanding the whole guitar fretboard!

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Just found this tool and I’m finding it suuuper useful (not associated with the makers in any way): FaChords Fretboard Trainer

You can configure it to only use the bottom two strings. In 10 minutes I feel like I’ve already got most of the notes down. Highly recommended.

EDIT: I’m on day 2 of using this and I honestly couldn’t think of a quicker way to learn the fretboard. You have a score, which essentially just tracks the number of notes you get right. I’ve just set myself the target of reaching 100 every day for a week (on the bottom 2 strings at least).


Btw considering that also the 8th fret might be useful as it is in both strings half a step from the 7th, I was thinking one could use the mnemonic “8 Cozy Flats” :slight_smile:

This is very useful! thanks for sharing.

To help memorize I’m using:

3 Grumpy Cats
5 Angry Dogs
7 Bad Eels

Keeping it consistent with a big gang of mean animals has been easiest for me

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Should i do this module after grade 3 ? Iam currently doing grade 2 and it doent make any sense .

Hi Manos,

Could you please elaborate why this doesn’t make sense for you? How did you get to grade 2 without learning where these notes are on the fingerboard?

I like 8CF from @armax . This helps as I get stuck there as well as on the 10th fret (the dusty end of the neck) so, ; - 10 Dusty Guitars ie D &G on the 10th “dusty” fret. 10 from the Engelbert classic song “Ten Guitars” {lol} :grin::metal:

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great idea Justin, just modified it for me …
3 Grumpy Cats
5 Angry Dogs
7 Big Elephants
10 Dodgy Geezers

matches the one I use for the strings … Every Angry Dog Goes Bad Eventually

love the course, many thanks.

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I practice this by rolling a dice and naming the notes on both strings which correspond to the number on the die.
Sometimes I use two dice. One for the fret and one for the string. has the option to change to a random note every 1-5 seconds

  • using garageband’s tuner as a check for my guess seems like a good setup!

The trickiest bit for me has been getting split mentally between picking between 5th & 6th strings to play the note and getting neither right in time XD

Knowing the notes on first five frets is part of Grade 2 which I knew I need to work on even though I had passed Grade 2. Started working up the Fret board learning just the main note positions as I can work flats and sharps from these.
I am using Justin’s App to test myself and it is working well for me.
Michael :notes:

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