The Cycle Of 5ths In Practice

Here are my favorite tips and tricks to practice your Cycle of Fifths.

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I think understanding how a guitar is tuned and why it is tuned that way a great way to memorizing the fretboard. For example knowing that every note (think of it in terms of key) on the 5th string has it’s 5 chord on the 6th string and it’s 4 chord on the 3 sting really helped me a lot. Just a suggestion. For example 3rd fret G,C,F Thanks for all the lessons really enjoying them.

This lesson helped give me a better understanding of the Hey Joe chord progression. I always thought it seemed like a cycle of fifths progression but the E to C transition was confusing me. Now that you explained that the first five notes are the notes of the Major Pentatonic scale, it makes more sense. I’m guessing the C Major Pentatonic scale would be a good choice to use for soloing over the song. Thanks.

Always wondered where your professor’s Fat Cats Get Drunk At East Brighton came from, Justin! Now I get it! :slight_smile: I understood the point of that very cool pattern but wondered how he figured out the order of the notes.