The Madman’s Diaries – Santa and The Mixo Kid (Chapter 12 December 2021)

We folks we could not see out the end of the year, without a final Madman’s Diary Chapter.

For those of you who are new to the community, about a year ago, I started recording a video diary to introduce my recordings here in AOVYP. It was mainly to track my journey of singing and playing but other projects were added along the way. There’s a link to the playlist round here somewhere but this is my final chapter for 2021.

Guess you have Mr Preece @davidp to blame for this one, as he suggested I video my next noodling session, with my new Gretsch. So at the end of the day I plumped for an mixolydian backing track in A, so it was time to call The Mixo Kid again…enjoy :sunglasses:


Santa and The Mixo Kid (First videoed Impro !!

I should add, both videos are unedited due to time constraints, as another project and collaboration is gathering pace. So you get it all warts and all. And yes I would normally spend a few hours sanding down the edges but duty calls.

Thanks for listening.



@DavidP I’ll sign off the NGD with a link to this, as its in its rightful place as an MDC :wink:


Hey Toby, great intro to that new Gretsch - I did enjoy it!

Hi Toby, good intro as usual andbthe new gretsch is sounding good.

Hi Toby, new toy looks great! Sounds even better :yum: really liked the vibe of the Mixo, very friendly and digestible track so well done. I was hoping for a bit of a whammy bar tho! :grinning: keep it up and take care Tobe :slight_smile:

Nicely done, and a worthy introduction to the new Gretsch. Agree with Adrian that I’m looking forward to hearing some of the Bigsby next time! :slight_smile:

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Thanks folks, its a nice backing track to jam to but first time I’ve actually recorded over it.

Funny, before hitting the record video button in OBS, I was bouncing over a few different Southern Rock tracks and using the “Begbie” and chucking some bends in. Then I just got into finding my favourite box patterns and I was into the flow. But that was all unfocused fun. A revisit and there will be one, will likely be more measured, spacious and aspirated. So yep, bends n trems will feature. :sunglasses:


Man, that was tasty! What a beautiful guitar.

Also, that was a really nice welcome message for all of us new community members. Thanks for that.

Hi Toby,
Another ax for the wall? Heck no, play it and play it well indeed you did!. All was great. Though in being honest your play seems a bit “steril”. Nothing wrong technically, mind you. just that possibly the lead play is needing a tad more feeling and could get into the vibe better. Hope that makes sense. That said, there is some good stuff in there. Hope to see you cranking out more Mad Man, 22’ is going to be a great year!

Keep rock’n,

On that note, I’d suggest varying the rhythm of the lead lines. That is, throw in more longer and shorter notes (and bends, etc.) along with the quarter notes.

FWIW, one of the best exercises I’ve come across for helping develop “phrasing” is to sing or hum a musical phrase that goes with the progression, then play it on the guitar.

Nice Gretsch, which model? The Gretsch model numbers are kind of nonsensical, I have the G2622, which really has no meaning, but seems similar to what you have. Really nice and playable fretboard on these, and I do dig the looks. :slight_smile:

Anyway, nice romp around the fretboard --lots of notes and traversing/movement. Good job sir!

What a beautiful guitar Toby. It suits you well.

I’m happy to take all the credit for inspiring the video, Toby :grin:

Lovely clean sound from the Gretsch. I enjoyed watching you move smoothly up and down neck, getting the feel for the new guitar. I particularly noticed how economical you were with the fingers, they seemed very much under control, not flying wildly around.

Look forward to more of these jams.

Oh and love the video header and supporting images.

Keep on rocking in the free world!

Thanks for that LB, lets face it, they ain’t for decorating the house. :wink:
As to the “critique” you may have missed my 2nd post. Think of this as an exploratory and not the main surgery, think laparotomy. Or finding your way around a new town, before investigating every street and bar.
Oh and be sure, there will be more for 2022 ! :sunglasses:

@mari @R.F.W @adi_mrok @J.W.C @Dave911 @batwoman

Thank you for listening and watching, folks. Your comments are all appreciated. :sunglasses:


Thanks man, yep its a G2622T and feels great, so easy to move around which this little romp, as you call it, was all about. You may have missed the NGD link below,



Thank you David !

Funny what you say about being economic. It never quite feels like that, more frenetic. Watching the video back before posting, I was very surprised how “tidy” a lot of it looked. Certainly a useful exercise in post match analysis. :sunglasses:

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I look forward to reaching the point where it at least looks “tidy” while still feeling “frenetic”

Hey that video makes me look like I almost know what I’m doing. :rofl:

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What a fine set of words you offer to our new community members Toby. Kudos.
And how fitting that you throw out another Madman episode to round out your 2021.
Be well, take care, happy new year my friend.

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Totally missed it. I’m mostly sticking to the AVoYP forum these days. Nice rig, hoping to hear a lot of good jams from you my friend!

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