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A fantastic lesson Justin. Yet another song I never thought I’d be able play but there’s nobody else in the room so it must be me!
Not sure if anyone has actually studied the amazing lyrics of this tune but what a reflection on modern society!
Paul Simon writes that his eyes were stabbed by the flash of a Neon light, surely a mobile phone?
And 10,000 people maybe more, people talking without speaking etc.
Is surely a reference to social media and the way it’s taken over our lives.
Released in 1964!

Paul Simon genius and visionary or perhaps time traveller…?

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Love this song and lesson.

Paul Simon is also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, a tribute to his poetry!

So… a question. When you do the chord progression walk up for the G chord, the 4th finger ends up on the 3rd fret, 2nd string. Do you mute the 6th string with the 4th finger. So you have 3xOO3x at the end of that strumming sequence? Or do you mute the 6th string with your hand or fleshy part of your first finger?

Hope that’s clear! Thanks!

I couldn’t figure this out either, so I just pick the 5th string alone as a single bass note inside the strumming. I think it sounds cool this way.