The Stuck 3&4 Chords

I would choose a couple of songs from this list.

Songs For Module 8 |

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Hello @thomthom and welcome to the Community.

Yes, you can do both of these things.
Sometimes substituting a stuck 3&4 for a regular G, C, D, Em, A will sound great, in other songs not so great. Your ear will tell you that. Your fingers should be able to do it so pick some songs and go for it!
Hope that helps.
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Maidie my little finger is hurting too!

Great lesson as always, thank you, Justin.
I work with an ex-Royal Marines bandsman and he told me a lovely story about Wolgang Amadeus and suspended chords. Apparently, Herr-Mozart wasn’t very good in the mornings and so his early students would often be given something to practice alone at their lesson whilst he collected himself. One of his students would play only suspended chords secure in the knowledge that Herr-sleepy would be so offended that he would come down early to encourage resolution!

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That was my reaction when I watched the video for the first time this past weekend!

I printed off the chords, sat down and concentrated on just these for an hour or so and found them to not be too bad actually. I’d say they came to me a lot quicker than the chords introduced in beginner stage 1.

For me, this is the first time I’ve used my pinky so going through the pain barrier again is the hardest part for me!


Yeah, they are not too bad since you have not one, but two anchor fingers; the only downside is, if you have yet to this point use your pinky finger, it’s gonna hurt for a while :wink:

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First video in, and I already love this module

Welcome aboard…

Answered my question. Some tunes just don’t sound right to me with stuck Chords. I find the Em sus 4 particularly difficult,incredibly so .Tom Petty Free Falling is an exception with stuck Chords…Whatever the suspended fourth Note is I miss its sound greatly on most tunes, weather thats because I cant get fingers right next to frets i can’t always tell.Its a tough , I’ve been stuck …awhile…

Same for me. As I learned them, I found them cool to play, but in my ears, they always sound a little bit strange. Only exception is the Cadd 9.

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I find Em sus 4 very very difficul

Just wanted to chime in here to mention that another song that is a real blast to sing and play on an acoustic guitar with a bunch of these stuck 3&4 chords is Disarm by Smashing Pumpkins. Basically the whole thing is stuck 3&4 chords.

It could even be a pretty good transcription / ear training exercise, as you can basically build the song from all the chords in the lesson!


I’ve been using this Cadd9 and G while practicing Take It On The Run by REO Speed Wagon. Think I’ll try this D with them to see how it sounds.

Really great lesson to kick off this module-- 9 new chords at once! My pinky is a little sore, but grouping all these chords together like this has helped me learn them easier.


After a couple of weeks with practice, my pinky’s got a nice callus on it; good stuff! Still coming to grips with the big G, after having played Justin’s two-fingered shortcut G for so long. :wink:

While I don’t use the app for lessons, I did see that the app’s E min7 chord dispenses with the stuck 3/4 version and just leaves the thinnest string open. A little weird given the stuck 3/4 focus, but I suppose it reinforces the fact that there are variations out there.

I’ve been working on stopping my 3rd finger from falling flat ie the knuckle dropping as Justin demonstrates. However, I’ve realised as a result of this that I’ve been playing the traditional 3-finger G since Grade 1 with a flat (knuckle down) 3rd finger on the 1st string. So I’m guessing this is something that I should try hard to correct too? It hadn’t bothered me up to now because it wasn’t in danger of muting any other string. I’m asking because after getting all those one-minute changes up to speed it’s proving really difficult to now switch quickly to traditional G and keep that third finger on its tip. :grimacing:

Well, I’ve been practising and my finger placement still leaves a lot to be desired when moving to the Emin7 stretch. But on the plus side I’m now finding the Vulcan salute easier than ever, lol. :vulcan_salute: :grin:


Since Justin mentions how people often refer to them as the wonderwall chords l thought this little clip might interest people