Thejoechoi - March 2022 - Mel McDaniel, The Beatles

This is a short, easy song, but it’s a lot of fun to play. Not sure if others outside the U.S. will get the lyrics. :joy: I liken it to the time when I first heard Waltzing Matilda and an Australian had to explain what everything meant.

The Beatles - Norwegian Wood


That was fun, Joe, and think I got the lyrics though one never knows what one doesn’t know :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Nice job with a fun song. Keep them coming.

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A great campfire singalong number there Joe. Sounds like a Louisiana Saturday Night could be a family get together anywhere in the world. Well maybe not the rifle and the possum in the bag! :joy:


Not to mention the 15 children in these modern times :grin:

It’s actually pretty straightforward. There might be some terms and references that are weird though!

Thank you, Tony. Definitely a fun one.

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Yes, great campfire song for sure.

Not sure if that’s kids in one family… or all the neighborhood kids. This song is a classic, but not that old!

Nice job Joe, I’m a Louisiana boy and I love this song. It’s true that we know how to have a good time in South Louisiana. “Laissez les bons temps rouler”!
You have touched my heart. Play on!

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Thank you! A nice thing to hear from somebody from Louisiana.

Nice one Joe.

Indeed it was a fun little song and thanks to all the Hollywood films I’ve seen it kind of summed up a Louisiana image for me.

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I can envision a Louisiana Saturday night here in east Texas also! Good job!


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Good to see you back in the saddle, Joe-
even if I might dream of Deliverance tonight :wink:
Fun song

Really like some of those country tunes you folks have there over the pond, thanks for introducing it to me and as usual top notch performance :wink:

Really nice track as I sip a little evening wine out on the back porch. This one has a “Cotton Eye Joe” vibe to it. Good old down home cookin’. Well done sir!

Yeeee hawwwww Joe.

Some accent dependent rhyming here.

Now where’s me boot scootin’ boots :boot:

Hi Joe,
Nicely done, enjoyed it too. Boy you are spitting out them lyrics pretty fast. Good job on delivery there as I can understand your words well. Even with my hearing. Nice play, but I think your vox on this outshine the guitar work!

Keep up the good stuff and rock on!

Alrighty, had to take last week off, but I’m back with two songs this week.

Revisited this classic from Rubber Soul. My favorite Beatles album.


Fabulous rendition, Joe. I especially liked the dynamics in how you played the riff when singing and instrumental. Your recordings do sound fabulous!

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