Times Like These, Beginner Feedback welcomed

Here’s my very first video with a musical instrument in my hands. I’d love some feedback on how to move on and improve - the guitar, rather than the singing!

[Times Like These Beginner Cover]

(Times Like These - YouTube)

Many Thanks,


Hi Paul,
For a first video for an advanced beginner this sounded really good (your voice too :sunglasses:…sorry)
Your rhythm guitar can still be gained if you make a more constant movement (so your arm and hand keep moving smoothly) … but you’re doing well, I’m looking forward to the sequel,… .have fun,
Greetings Rogier

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Hi Paul:

I think you did a great job on this song. The rhythm was even and well-balanced. I’m working on this song as well. Maybe work on adding the famous riff if you can. It’s not as hard as it seems and makes the song fun. You said no feedback on singing but you sing very well too. This was an audience worthy performance,

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Thanks so much for the feedback, Roger.
I’ll work at my arm/ hand movement - I’m trying to learn some new strumming patterns, so this is important for me.
Best regards,

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Thanks so much for the feedback - I’ll definitely have a look at the riff. Good luck with your version of the song. I really like both the original and acoustic versions!
Best wishes,

Hey Paul,

Well done mate! A great debut. Pretty good rhythm, clean notes, and the singing was really good. Overall a top debut for 8 months in. Love the song too. Going to add it to my list.
One thing I can reiterate is the strumming hand has to keep moving, but i note that you said you’re working on it, so all good.

Cheers, Shane

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Good effort for your first AOVYP post Paul, thought you did really well.

Good feed back regarding strumming and keeping that hand moving and as Jeff said the riffs not too hard but needs co-ordinating with the constant strumming. I have covered this a couple of times and it featured in my Madman’s Diaries last year, love playing this song, so much energy.



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I just started learning this song yesterday!

Great start Paul, nothing to add to what’s been said. Try to dig deep yourself in the recording to see if there’s something else you think that needs work.



:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Paul. Great to see you not hanging back and getting straight into sharing a recording.

I enjoyed both your playing and singing, you certainly had a good groove going.

I didn’t know the song (one of the few around here by the sound of things) so had to check out a recent live recording from last year, which was followed up by Taylor Hawkins RIP singing Queen’s Somebody To Love, which was pretty spectacular.

Keep on rocking from the basement

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Good to see my OM2 performance was so memorable David !! :rofl:


:rofl: I noticed you mentioned playing it, Toby. OM2 … goodness me, how far back was that … he said trying to make his excuse the passing time, age, and not being a following of the Foo Fighters :laughing:


That sounded very good to me Paul. The playing sounded slightly stilted (stop start) but I’m not sure if that was because of the strumming pattern or just a lack of fluent strumming. The movement should be continuous with no pauses. Also your wrist looks at a slightly odd angle possibly because your guitar is very much across to the right side of the body. I’m not saying this is absolutely “wrong” because if it feels comfortable to you then it’s okay but it looks slightly odd. Please take it as critique rather than criticism. Would be good to see you playing another song to see if you play it the same way.

On the matter of Herefordshire we are in the same neck of the woods as I live in Forest of Dean just outside Cinderford and previously lived in Holmer part of Hereford near the race course. I’m also in a band and we frequent a few of the Open Mics in Hereford on a regular basis mainly HR4K and Cafe Babar although we’re investigating a new one thats starting at the Victory. Lots and lots of OMs running that part of the world…some a bit far for us (out at Credenhill etc.) but worth checking out. Ones run by Martin Chapple are pretty good.

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I am a big FF fan and this was a great AVOYP debut well done! Just work on keeping the hand going all the time while strumming and take some good suggestions from Jason to your heart and you will be good as gold :wink: all the best

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Gotta agree with a few other posters and double down… your singing is awesome! Really good.

Well played as well, as others have said some strumming to work on. Needs to be more fluid. Don’t let that take away from a great performance though.

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That was great and your vocal was excellent so no worries on that score.
The only thing I’ll add to the previous comments is to get out of the habit of looking continuously at your fretting hand. The longer you do this the harder the habit will be to break.

Well done Paul and I look forward to more from you in the future.

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Paul what a magic moment you’ve shared with us. Thankyou. You sound good and I’m looking forward to hearing more from you. :smiley:

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Cheers, Jason - all your observations and advice are very much appreciated. It’s the first time I’ve ever videoed myself playing, so I wasn’t aware of some of those bad habits before! I’ve recently bought a guitar stool, so I’m hoping that sitting on this, instead of the low sofa might make my posture a bit better. The strumming will take some practice - but I’m keen to progress.
I do know Martin Chapple, so will look out for open mike nights to attend. What is the name of your band? I’ll try to catch you sometime - we live in central Hereford, so access to all is fairly straightforward.
Thanks again.

Thanks for the comment, JK. I think I’ve got into some bad habits with the strumming, so will have to make a concerted effort to break them.

Thanks Gordon. It’s the first time that I’ve videoed myself, so observations like yours are really valuable. I hadn’t realised that I’d been focused so much on my fretting hand! I’m fairly comfortable with changes between open chords, so there’s really no need for me to do this! I sometimes practice with my eyes closed - so perhaps this was more nerves about being recorded! I can only hope - and be aware next time.

Thank you, Maggie. That’s very kind - and very encouraging.

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