Version 3.2.0 released Jul 1, 2022 - improvements / songs gone

Other songs disappeared too. Ripple for instance

I am wondering the same thing. I was hoping it was a glitch in the app.

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See this post App update , lost songs - #3

Is there an answer ?

Hey All

We (me and the Musopia team) are all disappointed that we had to remove some songs. We’re hoping it’s temporary.

License negotiations are difficult and there’s one publisher with which we’re struggling to reach an agreement and we were forced to remove the songs - and yes, it includes some great songs :frowning:

Still hoping that we’ll get things sorted and come to an agreement and they’ll all be back soon, but we can’t promise. We’re really trying!

We’re hoping to balance it by adding hundreds of new songs, but we understand your disappointment with songs that you were working on being removed. There’s just nothing we can do about it.

I’m really sorry and we’re doing all we can to put it right. It’s the first time something like this has happened and not something we expect more of.

If there’s something I can do to help, then please let me know.

Apologies again, J.



Welcome to the community.

As an alternative to looking at songs under the module category, try looking at songs by chord collections or filter by chords. For example under the module category for Module 2 (A, D and E chords) the app shows 10 songs to choose from but if you look at the chord collections category for A, D, E there are 45 songs to choose from albeit 7 of those songs use either open 7th chords or sus chords. That’s a lot of songs to choose from to add to your practice sessions.

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I will look into the suggested songs and make it easier to find the right ones. Sorry for the frustration @Teshootin

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Thank you for the positive songplayer feedback, it’s great to hear that you are enjoying the new design!

We’re so sorry that we had to remove some tracks from the app in the latest update, this came as a huge shock to us when the licensing provider informed us we would have to remove their songs and we are currently working on adding songs back to the module section following this library update to ensure that lots of learning materials are available for everyone!

Hi glennzo,

We are really sorry that some songs are missing from the app. Unfortunately, we were only notified by the licensing provider that the songs would need to be removed a few days before having to implement this change to the song library and therefore we didn’t have time to notify all of our users about the change.

We’re happy to hear that you are enjoying the new tracks that have been added to the app and we will do the best we can to add the full backing tracks for these new songs soon, however, please understand that this could take some time given the large selection of new songs available.


There are no plans to remove any of the remaining songs within the app and we are deeply apologetic that songs were removed during the last update, we want to provide as many songs as possible for our users to enjoy. Unfortunately, this wasn’t our decision and we were instructed by the publisher that holds the licenses for the removed tracks that we had to remove them.

We are looking into adding the full backing tracks with vocals to the new songs, however, please understand that this may take some time given the large number of songs that have been added to the app!


That’s good to hear. I guess I’m among the “lucky” ones since only 2-3 songs from my favourites have been removed, but I’ve been disappointed to find most of the new additions have no vocals. I don’t find it as fun or engaging playing such tracks, especially with no way to disable the annoying piano “playing” the words.

Hi Socio,

You are correct and we are sorry about this miscommunication. Unfortunately, due to the short time period of being notified that we had to remove the songs and implementing the removal, we did not have time to make a full update to the displayed catalogue.

The team are working on this and the website should be fully updated to display the new songs and not show the now removed songs!

With those clarifications, I understand what happened and I am happy that actions will be taken to ensure that the app keep its money’s worth. I think that the situation was handled well by the team considering the context. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Jamolay,

Thank you for being so understanding and you are correct we are just as annoyed as all the app users that we can no longer use the tracks that have been removed!

We also agree that this is a great time to learn some new material and skills but we are deeply apologetic that this has happened and we hope this is never experienced again!

Keep on rocking! :metal:

@glennzo @Burnspot @GeoffMolyneux

Thank you for your feedback and we have asked our development team to take a look into making the autoplay function optional for users!


Thanks @MusopiaApps the licensing issue is understandable and came as a bit of a shock without any prior warning. Good to know that the teams are working aligning the website song lists with the app.

There has been some really good feedback on the app both positive and negative made on this post. On the plus side I like the ability to create playlists. On the negative side I can understand the comments that have been made regarding the autoplay function. It would be better if you could select a song from a playlist without it automatically going onto the next song on the playlist. However, I expect that’s where the favorites tab comes into play. In saying that when I go to favorites it has the option of play all but if I select a single song from that list it still automatically goes onto the next song once completed. This is an issue that has been raised by a number of users on the above posts.

One of the occurring themes as you will be aware of from the past posts prior to the update was whether it would be possible to extend the count in to allow users to select there song and put there device into position and get ready to play along. Now when you select the song it automatically starts playing before you have had a chance to set the mode, tempo, check the chords and strumming pattern. Would it be possible for the user to select their song, tempo, practice mode, press play and have a short delay before the count in starts? Similarly, a short delay before the count in for the practice exercises would help a lot of the users.

Hi, we’re so sorry that a lot of the module songs content has changed following the recent removal of some songs. We are looking into which of the new songs to add to each module asap, however, please understand that this may take some time as we decipher the chords in each of the new songs and the best ones that fit each module!

It’s great to see that 400 songs will be coming up in the app and that efforts are being made to improve discovery. I see many artists that I don’t know and I’ll see the positive side : it’ll give me an opportunity to discover new songs. As a suggestion, it would be awesome if we could visually see which song that we have already played in the list vs the one that we don’t. It will make it so much easier to discover new songs, because we can’t remember all the titles of songs that we didn’t try yet, specially with artists we don’t know.

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@vporras @Helen0609 @EFIELDER

Hi all, we’re really sorry that there wasn’t a notification sent out to users prior to the removal of the songs. However, we were only notified that we would have to remove these songs a few days before having to implement this change to the song library and we had to prioritise our time to ensure that the update ran smoothly and we could source new tracks to replace the removed ones, therefore we did not send out a notification about the songs being removed. We hope you can understand and we do not plan to remove any of the remaining library from the app because we want our users to have as much material as possible to learn and enjoy.

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Hi All & Musopia Team (@MusopiaApps )
Is there a noted issue with the app running on iOS on an iPhone 11 please? Since the update the app either hangs on the loading screen or allows me to click through the first 3 “next” pages and hangs then.
Works fine via the iPad but I use the app on both devices depending on where I am.
Cheers - Mark.

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