Vintage Club #5 with Richard | Rhythm (for beginners)

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Really great lesson, the right mix of advice and play-along-at-homeness. Thank you.


Very humbling session this evening. When you’re used to doing fancy pants fills (and “stuff”), suddenly parred down patterns aint that easy. Never lose sight of the basics folks ! :sunglasses:


Agreed! I thought this would be a walk in the park, but actually, come Blondie, it was nice and challenging. (Im only on grade 3)


Yeah I was playing some relatively complex Bruce Dickinson before the Club started. Blondie was a right curve ball ! :rofl:


Excellent session this evening. I was going well until it came to alternating between 2 patterns and then things fell apart somewhat. To be fair, doing downstrokes just on the 1 used to be beyond me so holding time and moving between 4 patterns (mostly) was a sign of real progress to me.

Happy to see there’s a version of The Tide is High in the songs app so that will get added to my list of favourites as a good practice exercise.

I’ve never been a foot tapper as that’s always felt like something else that my underpowered brain has to deal with but that was also going ok during the early exercises, until of course my foot got tired cos it’s not used to tapping!!!

Thanks for the session this evening

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Yes, it was fun :slightly_smiling_face: Should have been using a bigger screen than my phone though.

In summer, I have been using a lot of time working on different strumming patterns with the strumming machine. I also had been investing quite much time into the strumming SOS courses (though I have not finished the second one yet). Accordingly, the challenges were surprisingly easy for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
I know what you mean, everything went well till I got to the Blondie part with alternating bars, the pattern with only one strum threw me completely and I lost count.


Thanks for this as I totally forgot about the class! I now have several reminders in my phone calendar. See you Monday. :smiley: