Vintage Clubs - potential topics for future sessions in 2024

Works for me Richard. Add another 4 and you’ll have your “starter for 10”.

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I think that sounds really good. Now, I suppose that people below a certain grade requirement are free to participate in more demanding session as long as they know that the content is not necessarily targeted at them? :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps redundant question since I wasn’t active in the community when these live clubs started: How can I participate? Should I register as an “old :dog2:” first?

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Just click Join in the link below for any clubs you wish to attend. You will then get a follow up email. :sunglasses:

The carousel idea works for me. I will then know the ones that I should be able to understand and can watch the higher grade ones with interest, fully expecting to not fully understand what’s going on.


Check this Vintage Club #4 preview - and the downloadable resource


Sounds like just what I need. Having just updated my Learning Log, I find entries in most of your mindmap boxes. I would love to be able to be structured on a spreadsheet, and stick to it like @TheMadman_tobyjenner , but I know I lack the discipline. I have the goals which are achievable, some maybe not measurable enough. Now I just need a plan to keep them moving !!

Updating is the easy part. Sticking to it is another matter :rofl: and yes a good does of discipline. My motivation is high at the moment and the days are still long and dark, so plenty of practice time. :sunglasses:

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Looking forward to attending this Club for the 1st time too! :slightly_smiling_face:

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| Vintage Club #5 | 22 January 2024 | Preview

Students will require acoustic or electric guitar and writing materials.

Activities prior to the session / session preview

We are going to be listening to and playing along with drum tracks to work on and improve our sense of rhythm and playing with a good time-feel.

Prior to the session, listen to this audio track.

It is a rhythm track at 100 beats per minute (bpm). You first hear a voice counting a consistent 1, 2, 3, 4 with percussion to match. They continue and are joined by bass guitar and drums. Listen to the drum hit on the first beat - it is a little different with an open hi-hat sound and this is an audio clue. The drum gives another audio clue on the fourth beat with a double hit on the snare.

  • Your task is to listen and count.
  • Your task is to listen and count and tap and clap.
  • Your task is to listen and count and strum your strings (muted to start, on a chord when you’re ready).
  • Your task is to get a full sense of the rhythm and time feel of the track.

About half way through the voice stops counting. Thank goodness! It does become annoying.

  • Your task is to continue keeping long after the recorded voice stops.

Counting out loud and moving your body and clapping and tapping and strumming will help to embed the rhythm and time.


Further …

Vintage Club #5 is about rhythm and will be aimed mostly at Grade 1 and early Grade 2 beginners, plus those who find keeping in time challenging.
More experienced players are, of course, welcome, and would hopefully benefit from and enjoy it. Hands-on guitar activities will be given where experienced players can apply more advanced skills iif the general content is too basic.


Great summation Richard. With such a range of topics and skill sets, I would favor a tier of lessons geared to advanced beginners or early intermediates. I sense many of us Oldsters have the basics in hand and want to be challenged by these sessions - which I’m sure you can do.

I’m hoping to sweep from some simple sessions on a few topics, and over time, extend and expand them to take them to more challenging places.
Fingers crossed.

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