When can I expect a confirmation email when I register for a JustinGuitar Club?

How long does it usually take to get the follow up emails? I’ve been waiting for almost an hour now.

Not sure of the chronology between hitting Join and when the mail arrives or what the mechanism is to trigger that process. All I know, is a mail hits my inbox before the events and its sometime after I’ve selected them. One for those at the sharp end @Richard_close2u over to you and the team.

I am afraid I am unsure. I believe the process is automated but maybe @FannyJustinGuitar can confirm.

At least @Tbushell Tom, when you hit that button again, you should be seeing this or something similar, which in my opinion already confirms that you are enrolled

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This round, I haven’t got a follow up email, but the website shows I’m registered. The website is usually where I join from. Looks like Nicole’s, On the day that will change to JOIN

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I often don"t get the initial reply e-mail, but I always get the ones just before the event starts(usuallly at least 24 hours) and when it is starting. Without fail. As long as it says registered,(it says I can cancel if I want, so I"m registered) so far, your good. I always am on Justin"s site and keep in mind when these dates are.

Rock on!


Ok, that’s good. As long as I get the Zoom link before the day, everything will be fine.

It’s a little disconcerting however…most sites send an email within a few minutes, so it seems like something is wrong when the wait is this long.

Yep. That is understandable! I was thinking the same way. Pretty sure it is an IT thing on their end. But without fail, I have hotten er!


I just signed up for another club, and got the following popup

…which clearly states that I should get a confirmation email in a few minutes.

Still waiting, and nothing in the spam folder.

All signs point to this being broken…at least for some of us.

Patience Grasshopper. :cricket:

Email reliability is a nightmare. There are so many places it can break down. Presumably they have the correct SPF and DKIM records in place to pass the verification checks. But, even so, some big email providers (most notably Microsoft) will ban individual servers for whatever reason, and once you are on the blacklist it takes a long time to get off it.

Ideally, JG would be using an interim service like Mailgun or Sendgrid which would allow them to monitor and investigate all email suppressions and failures, but that might be a lot of extra work.

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my mails take between 3 and 20 min to arrive. In a couple cases, I signed up, never got a mail - like 2 days later, so went back to the button and pressed it again. got my mail right afterward. Even if I don’t see the mail, I can go to the club page and as long as I am registered, there is a link once the event is starting.

Signed up for the next Blues Club this morning and rcvd confirmation email in seconds. :sunglasses:

Ugghh… great. A random, intermittent email issue. The absolute worst ones to troubleshoot.

Interesting. Signed up for various of the clubs. Never received any email. Nothing in spam either. I still believe, as long as it shows that I’m enrolled, then it’s all good :slightly_smiling_face:

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whereas like Nicole I did not, actually I liedI did get one , it was just minutes not seconds,

I received a reminder email for Motivation Club tomorrow…24 hours before the event. It has the all important Zoom meeting link, so I’m good.

However, it’s strange that only some of us are getting the confirmation email when we sign up for a club event. It makes me wonder if we can rely on the 24 hour notices being sent, or are they going to randomly fail as well?

At least I have received the reminder as well, so I guess… : All good :slightly_smiling_face:

I still don’t have the confirmation email with the link and it’s less than 24 hours until the Vintage Club lesson.
I’ve got the ‘you are attending’ strap line on the website for lessons #4, 5 & 6

I got mine yesterday at 21 Finnish time, so exactly 24 hours before. Never received any email for e.g. Lieven’s motivation club yesterday - apart from an email saying the club is live now. So, I guess everything will be fine,Gordon, as long as the club page says you are enrolled :slightly_smiling_face: