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the play-along on the song app includes the B chord! and as I can’t print the easy tabs or import them into an app that allows scrolling, how can I play along?

Hello @csallier and welcome to the community.

I don’t use the App so can’t check.

The basic structure is like a 12-bar rock n roll using A, D and E.
If transposed to a different key that would become E, A, B.
(you don’t need to know the theory behind that so don’t sweat on it).
If that is what the App has then the B chord will appear in the chorus - say at the end of the first line over lyric ‘sweet lovin’ woman’.
Is that correct?
If so, can you change key on the App?
If not, you need to place a capo on fret 7 and play chord shapes that look like A, D and E to match the actual chords of E, A and B.
Does that help?

Cheers :blush:
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interesting thing about this song is that it uses techniques from the beginner blues lesson and the power chord rock lessons. I was struggling with the bluesy technique of it with strumming up and down on 2 strings (just accuracy with hitting only those 2 strings), but if you use the power chord technique taught, where you could essentially strumming all or most of the strings, but only ring out the 2 strings, it makes it much easier. Just lay your first finger across the fretboard to mute out the rest of the strings and strum away.

As far as I can tell Walk of Life has been removed from the Justin Guitar iOS App.
That is a shame because this song really needs the background organ tune to sound good and the App did that.
Anybody know if / why this song was removed from the App?
Any suggestions on other ways to play along with just the background organ sound?
p.s. Yes, the App did show the original EAB chords, but it was quite easy to transpose mentally and play ADE with a capo on the 7th fret

Hi Leo, several songs have been removed from the app due to licencing issues. There are several threads f. ex.:
Songs Missing from App

A lot of app users were concerned about that, but that’s the reason why.

My guitar has less frets than Justin’s. Should I still put the capo on the 7th fret? 8th, 9th and 10th frets are much more narrow compared to Justin’s guitar.

Hi @LeTyrmitte,

Yes, place the capo at the same fret. Notes are the same no matter the number of frets. 12th is still an octave no matter if you have 24 frets or 22 or 18.

I see your two messages got lost. I don’t think that happens very often, so don’t lose confidence in posting! I’ll go look at your other one now. :slight_smile:

The chords here matches the A Major key, but online it says the song is in E Major. Did Justin play it in a different key than the original or am I just mistaken?

Hi Zac,

Justin sometimes teaches a song in a different key than the original so beginner students can play it. I suspect that’s what is going on here - it looks like the B7 chord is required when the song is in E Major. I don’t think that’s been introduced in Grade One.

And - welcome to the community!

Welcome to the community Zac. As @judi says Justin teaches it using the A, D and E shapes so beginner students can play it. To play along with the original simply put a capo on the 7th fret. As you progress through the course you can apply other techniques you learn along the way such as embellishments to fancy it up a bit.

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Really struggling to follow the play along videos, this one in particular. You start with 1 strum, then we get 4 strums (2 in parts). You say you’ll run through again, but talk about timing. “Chord sequence again” - now is 4 strums. There are 2 sections: ADEDEA, then DEDADEDA? Ain’t No Sunshine, you played along with the App, which was so much easier to follow. Overall the course I’m doing is fantastic