What are you currently listening to? 2024

Through the magic of reddit I stumbled on this, ok it has 140 million views but its new to me


Saw a clip of this guy on reddit myself just today, surprising a busker in Brissy by happening to be there while she was singing his song. He joined her for a bit, and he sounds fantastic live and forgetting the lyrics. Great voice!

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Yeah , not sure if that was genuine or not but it worked if it was marketing!

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Kingfish is a genius…

Listening to a Supro ad

brings tears to my eyes.

Some straight up great guitar playing and some beautiful singing.

Sorry, appears ya gotta rewind it to the beginning.

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One of my favourite singer / songwriters, Courtney Marie Andrews: another wonderful example of the power of guitar and voice.


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Today marks the 80th anniversary of the failure of Operation Valkyrie and there is quite a bit of attention for that here, I always think of the music of Apocalypse Now ‘Walkyurenritt (Ride of the Valkyries)’ and listening to this performance seemed more appropriate to me/ applicable to a guitar forum :sunglasses:

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ohhh this was so beautiful!!

This was gorgeous too. Love getting new music to be a fan of!

Deep Purple released =1, their latest album andI had to turn off blues playlist to listen to it. So what can I say, it’s great! Not the same DP from the 70s, but they’re a different band for a long time already. And do they sound amazing, everything, every instrument is absolutely brilliant.


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Saved for tomorrow, Thx ! :sunglasses:

More of Tal, you can always tell when she’s having fun, her head bobs and we see her guitar faces in full flight :laughing:. She’s got a great trio of musicians here to play with, her Bass solo is DOPE!




Note to myself…go buy a slide…!!!