What are you currently listening to? 2024

I love me some Tom Waits!


How on earth do you know.The Piano Has Been Drinking…?!?..was my first reaction before I clicked your link. Then it dawned on on me. Of course that’s the title of a Tom Waits song.

Yes, I love me some Tom Waits too. Certain cover versions included

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These are some cool choices you made. I like it when he takes a more obviously jazzy approach and/or slows things down, too, like here:


What Im currently listening to :

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I’m a father of three, all in their 30s, and no word of a lie, that brought tears to my eyes.


Ayron Jones is one of the acts I discovered when checking festival line-ups (haven’t listened to the radio for many years). Really like his grunge-influenced style.

The solo in “Take your time” what a great guitarist he is :slightly_smiling_face:

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Difficult to choose any one favorite Tom Waits song… Always depends on my mood.

But no matter how kitschy it is - and it is very kitschy - this one will surely always be high on my list…


Currently enjoying a band local to the Toledo area, Oliver Hazard:

I tend to whizz past Sophie as all show an little else, that typical YT look at me look at me.
But Lloyd doing one of my favourite Rory tracks ? Just had to listen.

Then had to go back to the man himself. Live at Montreux. Don’t give up the day job Sophie.

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Shoot Saturday night in the warren ! Liking this one.

Key theme in all versions ? Rhythm is king. No rhythm no song !

TV is dead long live U Toob !

So after a little Rory fest I get offered some delectable Blues Rock in the shape of Dirty Honey.
New to me and makes a change for me to push a new group to the mid 40 rock child (daughter) ! :rofl: Muscle cars and bikes n blooze nowt else needed !

So what goes around comes around or something like that. I give #1 child Dirty Honey, she gives me Greta Van Fleet (ala sounds like yours mmm?). Whoa says I !! Ears say cool, eyes say wadda fudd Eurovision Acid Trip.

So after a quick exploratory and still not sure (on the visual front - I’m freakin old peeps) liking the muzik.

But back to some “old” trad rocky blues courtesy of the Crowes.

Did I say there’s nowt on the box ?

57 channels…

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oh lordy Justin has a new custom Mule resonator


I have America 50th Anniversary: The Collection at home.
I am the 11 Track from CD1. So far I want to play every song on it.

And if you have a moment, watch the entire documentary… :sunglasses:

Summer of Soul Soundtrack - Live at the 1969 Harlem Cultural Festival#


The ‘like’ was for Rory, not the lass :wink: (honestly!)

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YouTuberpalooza is back on! Three songs from Rabea and a few minutes of him talking about his new signature models.

The guitar looks good, musicman seem pretty decent

Rabea is the goat

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I’ve seen this one, Stevie Wonder really lived up to his name already back then. Sly and the Family Stone killed it, too.

Fun fact: this song was written by Betty Mabry who was married to Miles Davis at the time (got to love the fat bassline):